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Minimum wage increases
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WA award pay rates and state minimum wage increase today
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Wages decision will add to burden
Qantas payment only ‘thank you’ if unconditional and paid to all workers including illegally sacked: unions
Nurses and midwives need better support
Perrottet steps up war on wages with new fines for nurses, teachers
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Long term gains, short term cuts
Reminder that super contributions are increasing
Pay rise for Australian workers
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Unions win historic wage increase
ABS members and employees
CTU welcomes Government response to Public Sector Pay Deal proposal
PSA welcomes extension of $3000 bonus to Ministry of Health staff
Employers ignoring strong productivity growth and record profits as they push for wage cuts
Frontline public sector workers reject Premier’s offer, strike action to continue
Western Sydney University staff to strike for pay rise and secure jobs
Employer groups push for cuts and freezes for lowest paid workers
Research reveals shrinking incomes as workers unite to smash pay cap
HSU paramedic campaign delivers more than 2000 new ambos
Government Annual Wage Review Submission Ai Group Comment
Worker’s share of GDP hits all time low as profits and productivity increase
NSW public sector union announces 24-hour mass strike, critical workers demanding cost of living pay rise
Premier fails to go into bat for Tasmania’s lowest paid workers
Teachers deserve meaningful pay increases but strike action regrettable
Full-day strike: Catholic school staff demand better pay and conditions
Liberals put $750m floating stadium ahead of wellbeing of Tasmanians
University of Newcastle sacked hundreds of staff despite recording obscene surplus
Real wage cuts getting worse despite unemployment rate under Morrison
New poll shows voters turning on Morrison over wages
Catholic school staff set to take strike action
WPI: Worst Real Wage Decline This Century
Historic pay equity deal will change lives
5% Pay Rise Would Still See Big Business More Profitable Next Year
Morrison announces 5,500 job cuts in final days of campaign
Government welcomes historic pay-equity deal
Morrison offers personal rebrand to workers who have waited decade for pay rise
Fair pay agreements are game-changer
Morrison, paid more than $550k, continues to oppose $1 per hour increase for workers
Australia should lock in full employment: new Grattan report
Morrison, in Annual Wage Review sub, makes clear argument against pay rise for workers
Pay negotiations for care and support workers set up to fail
RBA projects real wage cuts until end of 2023
Monash University’s mammoth surplus mean it’s time to end wage theft and hire more staff