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Majority of schools to stay open despite Monday’s strike
Government calls on AEU to ‘put children first’ and postpone strike until school holidays
Union bosses’ full-day school strike designed to cause maximum chaos for parents, students
Union chaos means public sector workers miss out again
Time for unions to re-engage in good faith negotiations
RBA Governor concerned about underemployment and low wage growth, warns cutting rates won’t be enough
Petulant stunts preventing pay rises for public servants
RBA raises concerns about high levels of underemployment
Government offers 2.35% p.a. pay rise for state’s teachers and an extra $13 million for more than 200 highly accomplished…
Pay rise for public servants
State Government puts forward responsible offer to WA Police Union
Politicians pay rises almost double WPI for last decade
More needed for Disability Support to address years of underfunding
Morrison’s wage crisis slows GDP
Rates cut to emergency levels under Morrison’s failed economics
Retail sales down as wage crisis continues to bite
Bacon fries Budget
National minimum wage increase
Minimum wage rise will strengthen economy and reduce poverty: So would an increase in Newstart Allowance
Win for workers but long road left to Living Wage
Overwhelming support for teachers’ pay deal should be respected
Alternative budget failure
Government misleading on teachers’ offers
Six years on and Labor still refuses to deliver an alternative Budget
Lynch needs to stick to facts and get back to negotiating in good faith
Unemployment up to 5.2%
A cap on fixed term contracts welcomed
Australian wages rise 0.5% in March quarter 2019
Minimum wage workers robbed in Morrison’s Australia
North Island Admin/Clerical finalise new collective agreements
Australian Chamber to call for 1.8% increase to minimum and award wages today in Melbourne
Labor’s Botched Child Care Calculations
ACTU welcomes ALP plan for federal public service
AEU Executive endorses Government wages offer
Government welcomes AEU Executive decision to endorse pay offer
Desperate Morrison lashes out at working people
Morrison’s failed policies stall economy
Teacher pay – best offer in a decade
Bowen Caught Short on Details
Australian workers have $6b in super stolen
Take Two: Bill Shorten’s Double Backflip on Wage Market Intervention
Government’s teacher package a mixed bag
Morrison Government no plan on insecure work, pay
63% of university jobs in Victoria are casual, as insecure jobs skyrocket
Fiona Simson: It could be game over for farmers and their family-operated businesses
Election 2019: It could be game over for farmers and their family-operated businesses
Better pay for early childhood educators
ACA applauds ALP’s policy to drive affordable early learning for families