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2024-25 Federal Budget’s Future Made in Australia will need gas
Study Unlocks Mystery Of Marsupial Flight
Scientists unveil genetics behind development of gliding
HKUST, HKMA and HKIMR Host Global CBDC Conference Featuring Expert Insights from Asia, Europe, and North America
‘Courtship’ Gene Shows Different Effects in Two Fruit Fly Species
AI analysis of historical satellite images show USSR collapse in 1990s increased methane emissions, despite lower oil and gas production
Big Red men sprinting toward Ivy League basketball title
Immunologist Lydia Lynch appointed member of Ludwig Princeton
Jane Morgan and Brian Leedman Appointed to the Board of Directors of BlinkLab – Early and Accurate Detection of Autism using an…
HKUST Holds 31st Congregation Conferring Honorary Doctoral Degrees
Trust is good, control is safer
Study Sheds Light on Increased Reports of Suicidal Behavior in Teens
Ag tech can cut billions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions
Tool to track climate progress shows fossil fuel producers come up short
New Chair of Productivity Commission
Macquarie Capital names advisory veteran Joseph Gatto as Senior Advisor – Global Consumer and Retail
UNITAR Launches New Partnership with Princeton in Asia
Great tree census of 2023
‘We are gambling with the future of our planet for the sake of hamburgers’: Peter Singer on climate change
Major report finds gas and carbon capture and storage critical to net zero
Charting Australia’s path to net zero
Erin Schuman is awarded with Brain Prize 2023
We pitted ChatGPT against tools for detecting AI-written text, and the results are troubling
New Yorker theater critic Cunningham wins Nathan Award
Ludwig Princeton study finds cancers are metabolically sluggish and thrifty
Urban Lizards Share Genomic Markers Not Found in Forest-Dwellers
Wolf coat color reflects immunity to canine distemper virus, new study finds
IPad Pro is revolutionizing how archaeologists preserve history of Pompeii
2023 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences for Anthony Hyman and Clifford Brangwynne
Global collaboration: Mapping whole human brain
Enhanced ocean oxygenation during Cenozoic warm periods
Major overhaul needed for net zero future
Earth sciences researchers locate billion-year-old groundwater in South Africa
Businesses score “F” on climate action test
Reshaping future of farming at UQ
Does Presenting Credibility Labels of Journalistic Sources Affect News Consumption
Unchecked global emissions on track to initiate mass extinction of marine life
1st Energy & Informatics International Forum held
Carbon flow through inland and coastal waterways, implications for climate
Scientists solve solar secret
Ludwig Princeton preclinical study shows ketogenic diet could enhance pancreatic cancer therapy
False claims about Covid must be repeatedly debunked, study finds
HKUST Holds 29th Congregation
Cornell doctoral candidate places third in Ivy+ 3MT
University of Toronto ranks 16th globally, up one spot, in U.S. News & World Report university ranking
Urgent action needed to reduce uncertainty on CO2 storage prospects
University of Toronto’s Black Research Network to support Black scholarship and excellence