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Orphaned chimpanzees can suffer for life
Ancient Human Footprints in Saudi Arabia Provide Snapshot of Arabian Ecology 120,000 Years Ago
Native stinging tree toxins match pain of spiders and cone snails
Most landslides in western Oregon triggered by heavy rainfall, not big earthquakes
Re-engineered enzyme could help reverse damage from stroke, spinal cord injury: University study
Exclusive group mating found for first time in Brazilian frogs
Highly sensitive dopamine detector uses 2D materials
NTU and A*STAR scientists develop new way to deliver more drugs through skin
Perovskite mineral supports solar-energy sustainability
Texas Cave Sediment Upends Meteorite Explanation for Global Cooling
Researchers Identify MicroRNA That Shows Promise for Hair Regrowth
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Chinese fishing boats took half a billion dollars of illegal squid from North Korea. Scientists used satellites
Report exposes rampant illegal fishing in North Korean waters
Scientists strengthen quantum building blocks in milestone critical for scale-up
Researchers develop credit-card sized tool to understand how cancer cells invade host tissues
Enhanced water repellent surfaces discovered in nature
‘Bystander’ Cs meet their match in gene-editing technique
Designing DNA From Scratch: Engineering Functions of Micrometer-Sized DNA Droplets
Nano-radiomics has effect on tumor microenvironment
Researchers explore new synthetic gel for eye injury
Devil vaccine research leads to new weapons for fighting disease
Million-year journey from mountains to sea
Discovery of Oldest Bow-and-Arrow Technology Outside Africa
Discovery of Oldest Bow and Arrow Technology in Eurasia
Mixture and Migration Brought Food Production to sub-Saharan Africa
Drought 2018: Warm springtime’s unwelcome legacy
Ultrathin nanosheets separate ions from water
Heightened Interaction Between Neolithic Migrants and Hunter-Gatherers in Western Europe
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Study shows toxin family binds to sugar receptors on human cells to cause damage