Latest spacecraft News

Optus Selects Launch Partner for Next Gen Satellite
Development of Demonstration Satellite HIBARI with Variable Shape Attitude Control Launching as Demonstration Theme aboard for JAXA
Juno craft provides first 3D view of Jupiter’s deep storms
Boeing CEO Updates Employees on Third-Quarter Results 27 October
Titan’s river maps may advise Dragonfly’s sedimental journey
Behrend Speaker Series to feature NASA engineer Moogega ‘Moo’ Cooper
Perth Observatory receives $1.6 million in year of 125th birthday
Peering into Moon’s shadows
Cornell launches spaceflight mechanics certificate program
Special delivery: Curtin researchers record space capsule arrival in outback
Japan’s Hayabusa2 Space Capsule successfully found in South Australia
PolyU develops space instruments for Nation’s first lunar sample return mission
AI crew to support astronauts in space
Southampton to support development of novel geomagnetic monitoring satellite
Utilizing a “Krafty” Waste Product: Toward Enhancing Vehicle Fuel Economy
Boeing to Showcase ‘Low Earth Orbit to Deep Space’ Portfolio at International Astronautical Congress
Boeing Astronaut Passes Starliner Torch to Veteran NASA Astronaut
Boeing Forecasts Challenging Near-Term Aerospace Market with Resilience in Long Term
More water found beneath Mars South Pole
Melbourne’s Ronson Gears shoots for stars with Lockheed Martin
Ryugu’s rocky past
A warm Jupiter orbiting a cool star
UWE-4: Small and Agile in Orbit
CSIRO Parkes radio telescope added to National Heritage List
Ammonia sparks unexpected, exotic lightning on Jupiter
A young sub-Neptune-sized planet sheds light onto how planets form and evolve
Canberra company closer to launching space-based air traffic management tech
Optus Satellites Foxtel partnership extended to 2031
An accountants guide to galaxy
PolyU contributes to Nation’s first Mars mission with Mars Camera
Close-ups of Sun
Boeing to Support International Space Station Operations Through 2024
Scientists provide new explanation for far side of Moon’s strange asymmetry
Our deepest view of X-ray sky
Western secures funding for Australian-first multi-sensor space observatory
Researchers awarded $3.95m grant to build and launch innovative satellite
UNSW satellite launch lifts Australian space industry
Joint Air Force and UNSW Canberra project sees Cube Satellite launched into space
PolyU Explores Application of Peptides in Data Storage for Space Exploration
Fountains on Europa
Boeing-built X-37B Launches in Second Mission for U.S. Space Force
Hayabusa2 reveals more secrets from Ryugu
Spacecraft is designed to survive fire, surfs its own wave
Innovative Technologies for Satellites
Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’ legacy lives on in new series
Turbulent times revealed on Asteroid 4 Vesta
Simple, fuel-efficient rocket engine could enable cheaper, lighter spacecraft
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