Latest Tohoku University News

Newly Developed Material Logs and Stores Stress Information of Infrastructure
Understanding the Atomic Density Fluctuations in Silica Glass
Tin Toughens Bioimplant Titanium Alloys through the Cocktail Effect
The Formation of Intermediate Mass Black Holes in Globular Clusters
Towards Novel Promising Perovskite-Type Ferroelectric Materials
Machine Learning Accelerates Discovery of High-Performance Metal Oxide Catalysts
New Data-Driven Model Rapidly Predicts Dehydrogenation Barriers in Solid-State Materials
Researchers Unlock Vital Insights into Metal-Nitrogen-Carbon Catalysts’ Reaction Mechanism
Creating a Green Composite Material from Japanese Washi Paper
Release of “Fugaku-LLM” – a large language model trained on the supercomputer “Fugaku” Enhanced Japanese language ability, for use in research and business
Generative AI That Imitates Human Motion
Coordinating Blood Vessel Activity Might be Associated with Better Brain Performance
Researchers Unveil PI3K Enzyme’s Dual Accelerator and Brake Mechanisms
Unlocking Spin Current Secrets: A New Milestone in Spintronics
Manipulating Geometry Of ‘Electron Universe’ In Magnets
Accelerating the Discovery of New Materials via the Ion-Exchange Method
Glial Hyper-Drive For Triggering Epileptic Seizures
Researchers Develop Energy-Efficient Computer by Combining CMOS with Stochastic Nanomagnet
Researchers Investigate the Dietary Impacts of Dairy within the Japanese Population
Novel Machine Learning Model For Characterization Of Material Surfaces
Improving Sodium Ion Batteries with Mechanically Robust Nanocellular Graphene
Breakthrough Test Can Evaluate Enzyme Involved in Process Associated with Cancer Cell Death
Good as Gold – Improving Infectious Disease Testing with Gold Nanoparticles
Drawing Inspiration from Plants: A Metal-Air Paper Battery for Wearable Devices
Unleashing Disordered Rocksalt Oxides as Cathodes for Rechargeable Magnesium Batteries
Benchmarking Theory with Experiments for Oxygen Reduction Catalysts
A Tiny Spot Leads to a Large Advancement in Nano-processing, Researchers Reveal
Mathematical Innovations Enable Advances in Seismic Activity Detection
Rectifying AI’s Usage in the Quest for Thermoelectric Materials
Downscaling Storage Devices: Magnetic Memory Based on the Chirality of Spiral Magnets
Electrocatalytic Ammonia Synthesis: Towards an Environmentally Means of Producing Ammonia
A Theory Linking Ignition with Flame Provides Roadmap to Better Combustion Engines
Opening New Doors In VR World, Literally
Tuning Terahertz Wave Filter
A Simple and Robust Method to Add Functional Molecules to Peptides
Deciphering Catalysts: Unveiling Structure-Activity Correlations
Giant Leap Towards Neuromorphic Devices: High-performance Spin-wave Reservoir Computing
Biomolecules From Formaldehyde On Ancient Mars
Team Studies Medical Validity of Deep Learning Models in Diagnosing Drowning
Unraveling the pH-Dependent Oxygen Reduction Performance on Single-Atom Catalysts
Promising Development for Breast Cancer Patients
Habenular Astrocytes Tuning Anxiety with ‘Marble Blues’
Towards A Better Way of Releasing Hydrogen Stored in Hydrogen Boride Sheets
Hexagonal Copper Disk Lattice Unleashes Spin Wave Control
Machine Learning Guides Carbon Nanotechnology
Machine Learning Accelerates the Chase for Safer, Better Batteries
New Rapid Prototyping Method for Microscale Spiral Devices
Records of Cometary Dust Hitting Asteroid Ryugu