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Australian Prime Minister Press conference – Parliament House, Canberra
30th Papua New Guinea-Australia Ministerial Forum Joint Communiqué
Mid-way to COP29: Monash joins the international climate action community in Germany for the 2024 Bonn Climate Change Conference
Budget cuts to climate funding mean NZ may now struggle to meet its international obligations
Climate groups say Australia must advocate for loss and damage finance for Pacific at Bonn Climate Change Conference
Developed countries materially surpassed their USD 100 billion climate finance commitment in 2022 – OECD
A new ruling says countries – including NZ – must take action on climate change under the law of the sea
What is ‘Net Zero’, anyway? A short history of a monumental concept
Climate change is linked to worsening brain diseases – new study
Delivering a reliable and renewable future, Made in Australia
Queensland hits emissions reduction target eight years early
5 minutes with Young Women in Sustainable Development founder, Ané Coetzee
Melbourne Declaration – Partnership For Future
In a dangerously warming world, we must confront the grim reality of Australia’s bushfire emissions
COP28 closes with historic agreements, but significant shifts still needed
COP28: FAO spotlights agrifood systems’ potential to address climate impacts and achieve 1.5°C goal
COP28: Strong outcome to end fossil fuel era backed by large majority of UNFCCC Parties
‘A down payment on real action’: COP28 finance package welcome, but Australia must step up for the Pacific
Yarra holds its mini COP local stocktake for climate action
New climate study to be presented by youth advocates at COP28 this week finds climate change is having profound impact on girl’s…
41 funders, partners endorse new guiding principles for financing climate and health solutions to protect health
COP28: Global agrifood systems are the climate solution, FAO Director-General tells world leaders
UNFCCC partners with Microsoft to use AI and advanced data technology to track global carbon emissions and assess progress under the Paris Agreement
COP28 is global stocktake of climate change
Monash University to host Blue Zone Pavilion at COP28, showcasing global commitment to climate action
Australia’s forest products sector will be represented at COP28 by AFPA delegation
WHO, WIPO, WTO Symposium highlights interrelatedness of climate change and human health
Report reveals human cost of climate inaction
Why agrifood systems must be at the core of climate action: a COP28 preview with FAO climate expert
COP28 in Dubai: key issues shaping global climate action
Bringing together Indigenous values and voices on climate action from across the Pacific
Demystifying COP: What is it, and why should I care?
Australia’s sustainability livestock story shared on the global stage
COP28 President-Designate Sultan Al Jaber and UN Special Envoy Michael Bloomberg announce first COP-hosted ‘Local Climate Action Summit’
Australia’s fossil fuel hypocrisy called out on the world stage
Australia and G20 countries failing to cut greenhouse gas emissions to below ‘catastrophic’ levels
Pacific grassroots leaders to deliver climate action message to Canberra
Strengthening climate cooperation with Pacific
Youth climate action from Indian states and regions
Funds for world’s climate hotspots woefully neglect the needs of children, new report finds
Blue carbon: could a solution to the climate challenge be buried in the depths of fiords?
Inaugural Australia-New Zealand 2+2 Climate and Finance Dialogue joint statement
Good vibrations: how listening to the sounds of soil helps us monitor and restore forest health
Albanese government’s first coal mine approval goes against climate science
Australia’s engagement at Petersberg Climate Dialogue
FAO and the United Kingdom launch 5-year AIM4Forests programme
29th Australia-Papua New Guinea Ministerial Forum Joint Communiqué
Australia’s 8th National Communication on Climate Change