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Our new vaccine could protect against coronaviruses that haven’t even emerged yet – new study
Research initiative to build collaborative and creative AI futures
Redefinition of ‘sex’ in Title IX will foster more violence and discrimination against women and girls, says UN expert: United States
Stonehenge may have aligned with the Moon as well as the Sun
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World-first Research Worth Bottling
Gut microbiome: meet Klebsiella pneumoniae – an opportunistic pathogen that is harmless to some, but causes severe disease in others
Finland is the happiest country in the world – but our research suggests the rankings are wealth and status-oriented
Protect Habitat To Prevent Pandemics
Commonwealth Bank Executive Leadership Team Update 22 March
Children May Overestimate Smart Speakers’ Abilities
Snakes: New, High-protein Superfood
University awarded £30 million to train the next generation of science and engineering researchers through four new Centres for Doctoral Training
Mass extinction: our fossil study reveals which types of species are most at risk from climate change
Study shows screen time is replacing vital language opportunities for toddlers
Global warming may be behind an increase in the frequency and intensity of cold spells
Hospital privatisation is linked with worse quality care for patients – new research
Why a US state court ruling on the rights of children before birth is unjust
Artificial Intelligence reveals prostate cancer is not just one disease
La Trobe academic appointed Oxford Fellowship
Romans kept black henbane seeds in hollowed-out bone, a new study has found. Here’s what they might have been used for
Lizards, elephants and hanging with Hermione: Jess’s journey from UniSC to Oxford
Studying elephants and hanging with Hermione: how looking at lizards led Jess to a PhD at Oxford
Fulbright scholars awarded at Sydney
Neuralink has put its first chip in a human brain. What could possibly go wrong?
What do Aussie companies promise stakeholders?
PolyU develops high-efficiency carbon dioxide electroreduction system for reducing carbon footprint and progressing carbon neutrality goals
Many wellbeing perks waste of money: research
Shiyu discovery reveals Eastern Asia’s early human migrations
HKUST President Prof. Nancy IP to attend “Winter Davos”
Major boost for new Australian research helping fight stroke
Grattan Institute appoints new CEO
2023 Year in Review
Appointment of Chief Economist: Reserve Bank of Australia
University of Manchester to lead Sellafield’s new Centre of Expertise in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Workplace protections needed for menstruation and menopause
Inaugural Queensland Government John Monash Scholarship awarded
Antibiotics for common childhood infections no longer effective
World’s leading GPs wrap up international conference hopeful of future change
Rhodes Scholar-Elect will solve issues of the future by studying the past
Monash Rhodes scholar to pursue global health equity
GPs from around the world to tackle key health issues at global general practice care conference in Sydney
Founder personality could predict start-up success: study
Study pinpoints the length of incidental activity linked to health benefits
University of Canterbury VC invited to speak at Oxford University
‘Nature positive’ isn’t just planting a few trees – it’s actually stopping the damage we do
Does a brain in a dish have moral rights?
Wearable, 3D printed tech could become physio tool