Latest University of Southampton News

Expert partnership to explore and establish Human Challenge studies of Covid-19
Southampton Professor appointed to national role supporting nursing research
Southampton Professor awarded Fellowship of Academy of Social Sciences
Blood test could identify COVID-19 patients at risk of ‘cytokine storm’ hyperinflammation
Ancient tiny teeth reveal first mammals lived more like reptiles
Economics and migration expert awarded OBE in Queen’s Birthday Honours
Professor Stephen Holgate receives Knighthood in Queen’s Birthday Honours List
Orthorexia Nervosa – when does healthy eating become unhealthy?
Point of Care COVID-19 tests can reduce transmission in hospitals
Southampton partners with Foundation to help improve access for disadvantaged Black British students
Memorial lecture reveals what quest for COVID-19 vaccines reveals about purpose of business
Volcanic ash could help reduce CO2 associated with climate change
Southampton universities release joint student commitment during COVID-19
Southampton rises to 15th in Good University Guide
Rare immune cells drive gut repair, but can tip toward cancer or fibrosis in inflammatory bowel disease
University expertise to help power latest upgrade of Large Hadron Collider
Large Hadron Collider upgrade project to be led by Manchester scientists
New testing device can detect COVID-19 in 15 minutes
Study analyses impact of carbon dioxide on Earth’s climate 30 million years ago
Southampton ranked first in UK for Civil and Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Award for excellence in Alzheimer research
Regular saliva testing to be trialled in University and Southampton schools
Pioneering £8M programme aims to reduce environmental impact of gas turbine jet engines
UK productivity could improve by permanent shift to remote working
New course for cyclists aims to reduce collisions on roads
International project seeks to improve cancer-fighting therapeutics
New high tech innovation centre aims to transform towns into happier, healthy and more prosperous places
Insect wings inspire new ways to fight superbugs
Insect wings inspire new ways to fight superbugs
President’s Special Award from Royal Academy for ingenious PeRSo team
Scientists use photons as threads to weave novel forms of matter
New species of dinosaur discovered on Isle of Wight
Rare ‘boomerang’ earthquake observed along Atlantic Ocean fault line
Young girls exposed to negative peers at risk of adult mental health issues
Boardroom line-up is also important to success in elite football
German U-boat surveyed more than 100 years after wartime sinking
10 minute testing device could reduce spread of COVID19 in hospitals
National Teaching Fellowship recognises outstanding impact on student outcomes and teaching
Southampton becomes first University to support ‘divesity in gaming’ pledge
Women with young children, key workers and BAME groups losing sleep during coronavirus pandemic 3 August
Study reveals COVID-19 transmission rate on trains
Southampton academics elected as Fellows of British Academy
Partnership to develop head and neck cancer vaccine
Major investment funds research to investigate COVID-19 and ethnicity
Women with young children, key workers and BAME groups losing sleep during coronavirus pandemic
Closure of schools during COVID-19 lockdown could increase inequalities in primary and secondary education
Coordinated exit strategies crucial to avoid virus second-wave in Europe
Encouraging results from trial of inhaled drug to help COVID-19 patients