Latest University of Southampton News

Southampton unites with leading climate research universities to accelerate global action
Sustainable beer made from bread
Southampton Coronavirus Response Fund launched to accelerate urgent research and offer student
University to trial new approaches to freight and mobility
Faculty of Medicine to lead drug trial into treatment of COVID-19
Leading Southampton nurse researcher named to international hall of fame
Early and combined interventions crucial in tackling Covid-19 spread in China
Planet’s largest ecosystems collapse faster than previously forecast
Research uncovers a new way of making chiral catalysts
Monash welcomes new Dean of Education, Professor Viv Ellis
Global nature of Archaeology at Southampton leads to top 50 world ranking
Southampton’s expertise in Earth-related Engineering rated 40th in world
Scientists show drug may greatly improve cancer immunotherapy success
Researching how microplastics can end up in farmland
LGBT History Month: A short history of Homosexual
New study allows Brain and Artificial Neurons to link up over web
Lab-free infection test could eliminate guesswork for doctors
Research identifies how new cancer treatments can activate tuberculosis infection
Some of most threatened birds and mammals have irreplaceable roles in natural world
Ending pain of loneliness
Natasha Allergy Research Foundation to fund training of next generation of scientists and health
Receiving flu vaccine during pregnancy can protect infants as well as mothers
Royal Society Fellow to study terrestrial ecosystem response to warming
Study analyses potential global spread of new coronavirus
Study to help family carers manage pain relief for seriously ill children
International Consortium of Nanotechnologies – a unique model for global collaboration
Echoes of light help scientists map behaviour of a black hole
It was asteroid impact, not volcanic eruptions, that killed dinosaurs
New assessment of gas locked in ice in European waters
Unsustainable sand mining is threatening lives along Mekong River in Cambodia
From stargazing to mole-gazing
SPRINT collaboration will remove impact of cloud shadows on environmental monitoring data
Severe deprivation in childhood impacts on brain size in adulthood
Revolutionary prosthetics software unveiled at CES 2020
University startups championing UK innovation at world’s largest tech show
Vice-Chancellor receives CBE during Buckingham Palace ceremony
First step taken to find causes of muscle wasting disease
New way to identify and track progression of Huntington’s disease
Southampton students to transform drone design in fight against climate change and poaching
Southampton will be first university to host Frazzled Cafe
€2 million to see what can’t be seen
Water metering can reduce consumption by a fifth but only high income households gain financially
Transition to renewable energy needs to consider global threat to species
Weight change between pregnancies is linked to having premature and large at birth babies
Extent of challenge to clean up space debris revealed
University business incubator wins global award for third time
Successful project to help dizziness sufferers expands to Europe
Puffins making poor diet choices when chips are down