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Partnership Major Milestone For CDU School Of Medicine
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Western Sydney University unveils ambitious economic plan for the region
When homes already hit 40°C inside, it’s better to draw on residents’ local know-how than plan for climate change from above
‘Free birthing’ and planned home births might sound similar but the risks are very different
Council to Preserve Caddies Creek on Clean Up Australia Day
$80 million Institute of Applied Technology for Construction Opened in Western Sydney
South-Western Sydney home to new $55 million medical research facility
Industry welcomes appointment of JSA Commissioner
New Jobs and Skills Australia Commissioner
If plants can pick fungi to help fight pests and diseases, it opens a door to greener farming and ecosystem recovery
Preliminary research finds children already exercise caution online but also urge for stronger safety measures
New research: Children show caution when interacting with people they don’t know online but want greater protection
Renewable projects are getting built faster – but there’s even more need for speed 
Australian first study reveals renewable energy project lead-times
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Western researchers receive more than $2 million in NHMRC Ideas Grant funding
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