Union demerger laws must be resisted by Labor, cross bench

Electrical Trades Union

The introduction of legislation allowing for unions to splinter into smaller divisions is a backward step that should be resisted by Australian Labor and the cross bench, a National meeting of the Electrical Trades Union resolved today.

National Secretary, Allen Hicks said:

“This legislation could lead to all manner of unintended consequences. Labor and the cross bench are kidding themselves if they think Christian Porter and the Liberal party have the best interests of working people in mind.

“This hastily drafted plan designed to target the CFMMEU will hit the entire movement.

“Trade unions work best when they are guided by robust debate and democratic process. Under this approach a disgruntled division will take their bat and ball and head for the pavilions at the first sign of disagreement.

“Union power will fragment if this draft legislation becomes law. The ETU calls on Anthony Albanese as leader of the Labor Party to oppose these laws in their entirety and condemn them for what they are.

“Smaller unions with fewer resources are less equipped to stand up against bullying bosses. The Australian way is to look out for your mates through thick and thin. These laws make a mockery of that principle.”

Allen Hicks

/Public Release.