Aperol Toasts to 100 Years of Joy

In 2019 Aperol celebrates its centenary with a series of activities that bring the brand and its history to life

Today, Aperol, Italy’s iconic orange bittersweet aperitif ranking 9th in the list of the world’s best-selling cocktails[1], announces the celebration of its centenary at a press conference in Padova, the birthplace of the brand. Recognised around the world for sparking joyful connections and creating memorable shared experiences, Aperol toasts to 100 years of joy.

Launched in 1919 at the Padua International Fair, Aperol was created by the Barbieri brothers, Luigi and Silvio, who coined the name ‘Aperol’, having taken inspiration from the French term for aperitif, ‘Apero’. Made with citrus oil infused with precious herbs and roots to create a perfectly balanced combination, the original recipe has remained unchanged and is a secret to this day. Aperol Spritz, the drink’s signature serve, is known and enjoyed the world over, single-handedly creating and globally leading the spritz category, earning its rightful place in the International Bartender Association’s list (IBA), as the key defining ingredient of the Spritz Veneziano. As much as it is today, Aperol Spritz has traditionally been consumed all over Veneto, in Venetian bars called the ‘bacari, which epitomise the ‘Venetian way of life’ promoting the culture of staying together, enjoying bite size snacks such as the traditional ‘cicchetti’ and enjoying an aperitif moment.

To mark the centenary milestone, Aperol is commencing a series of celebrations internationally throughout 2019, to spark joyful connections, using universal languages such as art, music and Aperol Spritz that brings people together wherever they are.


Over time, Aperol has showcased a real understanding of modern aesthetics which is reflected not only in the bright orange colour of the drink, but also through its iconic bottle. To mark the momentous year, Aperol is launching limited-edition labels to sit on their bottles, that will each be truly unique, thanks to an advanced chromatic formula, that will recreate infinite single variations on an iconic design by Italian artist Lorenzo Mattotti (1990), portraying a young couple dancing holding an Aperol bottle and two glasses full of the unmistakable liquid.

GRAZIE VENETO (Thank you Veneto)

Coining the operation ‘Grazie Veneto’, Aperol wants to thank the region that contributed to the global spread of this social Italian ritual ‘par excellence’, by placing three inimitable pieces of urban art in the Central Cavour Square in Padova, due to be unveiled on the 28th of June in the place where it all began 100 years ago.

Symbolising how the Veneto ritual has transcended borders, three artists from Italy, England and USA, have come together to interpret the brand’s role in sparking joyful connections through modern art and illustrations on an everyday object, a sofa. The sofas will not only represent Aperol’s history and heritage but also shed light on the strong values of sharing in the brand’s mantra, ‘Together We Joy’.

Leading design company Kartell, founded in Italy 70 years ago, and who equally spreads Italian flair around the world, has joined forces with Aperol, providing each artist with their iconic Bubble outdoor sofa to work on. The finished products will be placed outside for fans to enjoy, aiming to spark joyful connections between members of the public as they share memorable moments, side by side.


Aperol has collaborated with renowned comic book author Tito Faraci, illustrator Sergio Gerasi and (Italian) Publishing House Gribaudo, to create a bespoke illustrated book filled with wonderful stories bringing to life scenarios of joyful connections since the brand first emerged 100 years ago. Telling the story of Aperol in a contemporary way, the graphic novel is comprised of seven comic-strip style stories set in different decades and parts of the world, from Padova to New York, where the artists have created a mosaic of tales, from comedy to suspense with a touch of romance, with orange as leitmotiv to capture the magic of human connections over the course of a hundred years. Orange Chronicles, published by Gribaudo will be available for purchase from July at the Feltrinelli chain and independent libraries across Italy, online at Amazon and the Gribaudo website from EUR 16.90 in Italian and English.


Over the course of the summer, Aperol will be conducting The Aperol Summer Tour across Italy and countries of the European Coast, including Greece and Malta, where they will surprise consumers with a classic aperitif on the beach as orange Amphibious vehicles are used to create unique bars that will sit half on land, and half in the sea. The activity will kick off in Tel Aviv, Israel, this May. These spontaneous pop-up bars will also host DJ stations, the perfect medium to spark joyful connections. Spreading the contagious orange hue far and wide and conquering palates of new Aperol lovers internationally, thousands of people will be joining in celebration.

Sergio Giordani, the Mayor of Padova said; “It is fantastic to have a brand that is so deeply rooted in our city and region’s heritage being so eager to give back to its home town. We’re really looking forward to unveiling the artistic creations that Aperol are placing in Padova to bring crowds together – all set for a wonderful summer of joyful connections ahead of us. We are pleased that this wonderful celebration will coincide with the centenary of the Padua International Fair, where Aperol was first launched by the Barbieri brothers 100 years ago.”

Andrea Neri, Managing Director Italian Icons at Campari Group,

/Public Release.