Battery incentives for household solar heroes is the fastest way to reduce prices and accelerate energy transition

Rewiring Australia

Rewiring Australia strongly endorses the NSW Government’s new incentives to help more households gain access to household batteries.

“Incentivising households and businesses to take up batteries means more cheap solar power in the grid and reduces our reliance on harmful fossil fuels. Yet again, households are the heroes in the energy transition,” said Rewiring Australia Executive Director Dan Cass.

“Increasing the growth rates of distributed solar and batteries is the fastest way to reduce peak demand and shore up energy reliability as old coal-fired power stations retire.

“Offering this incentive as part of the Peak Demand Reduction Scheme will remove the financial barrier of household batteries for many households, helping more NSW residents reduce their energy bills, lower emissions and improve reliability.

“The incentive to encourage households to deploy their batteries in virtual power plants points to a future where millions of solar households with batteries and EVs become the backbone of the grid.

“In the time it takes the faux debate about nuclear power to lurch from one crazy idea to another, hundreds of thousands of solar household heroes can buy a battery and actually do something tangible for energy security and emissions reduction,” said Mr Cass.

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