Berejiklian gives green light for more police harassment

Australian Greens

The Berejiklian government is gifting the NSW police force more power to harass and intimidate marginalised communities in NSW on the eve of an election.

A proposed trial agreed to by Berejiklian government will give the NSW police the power to search homes and cars without a warrant.

Greens’ MP and spokesperson for justice and policing David Shoebridge said: “This over policing of marginalised communities in NSW has to stop.

“Under the Liberal government NSW is well on it’s way to becoming a police state.

“Just last week we saw tents set up at Sydney’s busiest station to strip search commuters.

“Now the Berejiklian want to let police loose on communities with high migrant and Aboriginal populations to search people’s home and cars without a warrant.

“This is a shameless attempt from the Liberals to look tough on law and order on the eve of an election.

“The war on drugs has failed.

“Over policing does not work, if Berejiklian was truly concerned about saving the lives of young people, she’d introduce pill testing and follows the Greens’ lead on legalising MDMA and cannabis.

“Instead she is willing to subject communities to further police harassment all for fawning write up in the Daily Telegraph, Mr Shoebridge said.

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