Can Australia’s Threatened Bird Species Knock Adele Off Her Chart Perch?

BirdLife Australia

Adele’s quest for this year’s Christmas number one album has officially gone to the birds, with twitchers, environmentalists and animal lovers flocking together, with a noble quest to get 53 of Australia’s most threatened avian species to the top of the charts. According to this week’s comprehensive report from BirdLife Australia, over 50 of our country’s most beloved birds are now as scarce as hen’s teeth; threatened with extinction by our country’s policy settings around habitat destruction and ongoing issues with rampant climate change. In a bid to soar above the competition, perch itself high on the ARIA Charts and gain much needed attention this Christmas, the album ‘Songs of Disappearance’ has officially been released today, via Compiled in conjunction with The Bowerbird Collective and featuring recordings by renowned wildlife documenter David Stewart, Nature Sound, the album has already pre-sold over 1,500 copies as momentum grows wings with Tweets flying and bird lovers egging each other on to support the cause. “This album is a very special record with some rare recordings of birds that may not survive if we don’t come together to protect them,” said Paul Sullivan, CEO of BirdLife Australia. “While this campaign is fun, there’s a serious side to what we’re doing, and it’s been heartening to see bird enthusiasts showing governments and businesses that Australians care about these important birds.”

With artists like Michael Bublé and Adele nesting comfortably at the top of the ARIA albums chart over the last decade’s worth of Decembers, the ‘Songs of Disappearance’ initiative is a way of putting a more important kind of song in the national consciousness this Christmas with each purchase of the album becoming a virtual vote for the cause.

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