MUA Backs Sydney Festival Artist-Boycott on Palestine and Calls for More Action


The Sydney Branch of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) congratulates artists for their principled stand in withdrawing from the Sydney Festival in support of the Palestinian people.

“Solidarity with the Palestinian struggle has long been close to the hearts of many, many maritime workers,” said Sydney Branch Secretary Paul Keating.

“By responding to the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) of Israeli State activity, these artists are demonstrating that solidarity knows no borders, and that when working class people around the world join together in the pursuit of justice, we are unstoppable.”

“It’s no small thing for these artists to withdraw from the Sydney Festival. These people are cultural workers – this is their work, their livelihood. Let’s call this for what it is. Workers withdrawing their labour is strike action. That we are seeing artists in Australia taking strike action in support of the Palestinian BDS campaign is ground-breaking,” said Mr. Keating.

The MUA has nationally pledged to support all campaigns called for by the Palestinian trade union movement, including the BDS Campaign.

“It’s no coincidence that Indigenous artists have played such a prominent role in leading this strike. Indigenous people in Australia know better than most the devastation of colonial occupation. The struggle for Indigenous sovereignty and Palestinian self-determination is one and the same, and the MUA will back this struggle to the end.”

“By responding to the call to action in support of Palestinian BDS campaign, these courageous artists are truly stepping up and leading the way forward.”

“We call upon all people who believe in justice and self-determination across Australia and the world to take inspiration from their brave actions and join them in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for justice.”

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