Politicians pay rises almost double WPI for last decade

Since 2009 parliamentary salaries have been increasing at an average of 5 percent per year, almost twice as fast as working people’s wages, which have grown at 2.8 per cent by WPI over the same period.

This year politicians will receive another 2 percent pay rise on the same day that 700,000 low-paid workers have their penalty rates cut for the third year.

The Morrison Government voted eight times to keep cutting penalty rates and has refused to support significant increases in the minimum wage necessary to ensure that no minimum wage worker lives in poverty.

Scott Morrison will personally receive an $11,000 pay rise this year alone. He is also planning to grant himself an $11,000 tax cut in 2024.

The Reserve Bank has repeatedly warned that low wage growth is a significant factor in the slowing economy, which is now growing at its slowest rate since the GFC.

As stated by ACTU Assistant Secretary Liam O’Brien

“Australian workers have seen years of near-record low wage growth under this government. The policies of the Morrison Government have driven down wages and eroded workers’ rights.

“Mr. Morrison is pocketing his $11,000 raise and eyeing off another $11,000 in a few years while people who work full time in this country are in poverty, tens of thousands of full time workers are homeless and wage theft is rampant.

“The Morrison Government will enjoy a pay rise on the same day that 700,000 low paid workers will once again have their penalty rates cut.

“We need systemic change to give working people more power to fight for and win pay rises, not a Government which admits low wage growth is a feature of its policies.”

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