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Criminals targeting victims of previous scams promising financial recovery
Scam alert: Scammers are changing the way they impersonate financial services businesses in sophisticated bond and term deposit scams
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ICA encourages public feedback on general insurance code review
Increasing trust in Australian forest products across the supply chain with signing of MOU
It’s a scam! Celebrities are not getting rich from online investment trading platforms
Financial services misconduct compensation scheme to start from 2 April 2024
Andrew Hall Opening Statement Parliamentary Inquiry into insurers’ responses to 2022 major floods
Independent Review of the 2020 General Insurance Code of Practice
AFCA introduces flexible public holiday leave and Women’s Health Leave
ANZ CEO appearance before House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics
ASIC accepts court enforceable undertaking from Brisbane financial adviser
ANZ ESG investor briefing speeches 19 June
Close up on aging reveals different cells age at different pace
Close up on aging reveals how different cell types in the body age at different pace
AFCA reaffirms support of the Voice to Parliament?
Ensuring external dispute resolution for consumers of financial services
Consumers sent 17,000 complaints to AFCA during pandemic
Shail Singh named AFCA’s Lead Ombudsman, Investments and Advice
APRA and AFCA sign Memorandum of Understanding
Gerard Brody joins AFCA’s independent board
AFCA named one of Australia’s best places to work
AFCA reappoints Chief Ombudsman, as compensation passes $1 billion
AFCA welcomes investment in anti-scam technology
AFCA opens consultation on proposed Rules changes
AFCA welcomes latest initiative on scams
AFCA receives over 2000 complaints in year since SEQ/NSW floods
AFCA welcomes additional measures to thwart spoofing scams
AFCA welcomes new scams initiatives
Home finance companies and directors to pay $150,000 for failing to cooperate with AFCA
21 Australian Credit Licenses Cancelled or Suspended by ASIC
AFCA launches its Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan
Superannuation trustees on notice to uplift complaints handling
ASIC cancels AFS licence of AFSL Group Pty Ltd
ASIC cancels AFS licence of Ruchir Mukund Sayani
Australians send 300,000 complaints to AFCA in 4 years
AFCA COO recognised in Not-for-Profit Executive awards
Companion Animal Network Australia calls for action as pet scams soar
ASIC bans Sydney-based director for three years over refusal or failure to pay AFCA determinations
AFCA receives over 900 complaints after SEQ/NSW floods
FSC Statement on Compensation Scheme of Last Resort
AFCA’s John Price wins Lifetime Achievement Award
Updates from AFCA, NSW Government, ABS and more
Small businesses send 3,490 complaints to AFCA in 2021-22
Former Dixon Advisory clients should consider lodging complaints with AFCA
Delia Rickard joins AFCA board
Over 72,000 complaints taken to financial ombudsman in 2021-22
AFCA spreads flexible parental leave over two years