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Help Drops From Above
Macquarie Island’s astounding recovery, ten years on from rats, mice and rabbits 29 May 2024
Celebrating 10 years of pest eradication at Macquarie Island
Antarctica’s fragile plankton ready for research 27 May 2024
Budget Analysis For CPSU Members
Call for community comment: Review of Mawson’s Historic Site Management plan 2013-2018 23 May 2024
Snow, swell and 50 knot winds: A late May resupply in the Furious Fifties 20 May 2024
Message In Satellite Tag 19 May 2024
Australia’s public services on the mend as rebuilding continues
Antarctic veteran works with both sons on assignment down south 12 May 2024
City Of Hobart Welcomes Senate Inquiry Report
Australian Antarctic scientists in bid for NASA space mission 10 May 2024
Political parties work together to deliver Antarctic science outcomes
Listening to giants – the search for the elusive Antarctic blue whale 6 May 2024
Much loved station mascot returns to sub-Antarctic 2 May 2024
Modern Mapping At Mawson 17 April 2024
Seismic rumbles send Macquarie Island expeditioners up the hill 2 April 2024
Eminent scientist appointed Chair of Australian Antarctic Science Council
Challenges For Blue Whale Populations
Seabird, seal monitoring crucial as Avian Influenza reaches Antarctica 14 March 2024
Lows And Lows Of Antarctic Sea Ice 5 March 2024
From carbon to clouds: Ocean detectives return with climate clues
Ocean detectives return with climate clues
Nuyina joins Southern Ocean plankton survey 29 February 2024
Good things don’t come in threes for Antarctic sea ice
AAD calls for public comment on draft Initial Environmental Evaluation: All Stations Operations Activities 20 February 2024
Antarctic sea ice in crisis 14 February 2024
Nuyina’s Mawson voyage to make history 13 February 2024
Research team conduct deep field UAV operations and science in remote Antarctica
Denman Terrestrial Campaign enters final weeks after blue skies, blizzards and long days on the ice 25 January 2024
ICECAP-EAGLE has flown 17 January 2024
Antarctic canyon discovered during wild weather 16 January 2024
A heatwave in Antarctica totally blew the minds of scientists. They set out to decipher it – and here are the results
RV Investigator’s longest voyage to try and solve the Southern Ocean puzzle
Avian influenza has killed millions of seabirds around the world: Antarctica could be next
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all at the Australian Antarctic Program 22 December 2023
Antarctic krill head south 19 December 2023
Nella Dan history highlights Danish, Australian maritime links 19 December 2023
Station Leaders 2023-24 18 December 2023
AAD calls for public comment on draft Mawson Station Heritage Management Plan 15 December 2023
Matt grew up on Antarctic adventure stories. Now he’s living them. 12 December 2023
Doing science in Antarctica has harmed an environment under great pressure. Here’s how we can do better
After years of planning, scientists arrive and the Denman Terrestrial Campaign gets started 8 December 2023
Million year ice core drilling postponed 8 December 2023
Southern Ocean is Earth’s climate ‘engine room’
BCM, Australian Antarctic Division announce agreement to advance collaboration in space health research
End in sight for expeditioners as RSV Nuyina heads for Hobart 1 December 2023
Air Force delivers helicopters for remote science campaign 30 November 2023