Latest Australian Antarctic Division News

Penguin heaven: multi-decade science reveals secret lives of Adélies 13 May 2022
Mother’s Day 2022 8 May 2022
Australia to lift Antarctic clean-up efforts 2 May 2022
Law of land: Australian scientists return to remote frozen library 29 April 2022
Researchers return to Antarctic ‘rainforest’ 21 April 2022
Cold chisel: Antarctic rocks reveal glacial retreat 18 April 2022
Construction of modernised Macquarie Island research station 13 April 2022
An extraordinary season of achievement for Australian Antarctic Program 9 April 2022
Renovations and good playlist: Pete Pedersen leads big year at Macquarie Island 30 March 2022
Don’t forget nails: Macquarie Island makeover begins 28 March 2022
Wings over ice: Australia lands successful Antarctic aviation season 22 March 2022
Tasmanian grandfather hits jackpot in VA-X & Win competition, wins 1 million Velocity points
Gender matters, according to an environmental DNA researcher
Antarctic Arts Fellowship canvasses for creatives 7 March 2022
“Always on my bucket list”: Rebecca Jeffcoat takes reins as Mawson station leader 6 March 2022
Study exposes role of sea ice in protecting Antarctic coast 4 March 2022
$800 Million to strengthen our leadership in Antarctica 22 February 2022
Antarctic ice cores reveal Australian drought risk worse than thought
ETBF seabird mitigation and reporting requirements 2022
High tech stickers put to test in Antarctica 9 February 2022
Ocean Odyssey: Australia’s Antarctic Voyage Leaders 2021
Love in cold climate 4 February 2022
RSV Nuyina completes spectacular maiden voyage
Labor leader doesn’t give RATs about facts
Floating Internet of Things 13 January 2022
Whale scientists pick up good vibrations 12 January 2022
Nuyina’s first krill catch 4 January 2022
Looking back on 2021 31 December 2021
Deepsea mountain mapped by RSV Nuyina 30 December 2021
New icebreaker RSV Nuyina heads south 23 December 2021
RSV Nuyina Antarctic voyage delayed 20 December 2021
RSV Nuyina launches new era in Antarctic Science 18 December 2021
Everyday jobs in an extraordinary place 14 December 2021
Drill site pinpointed for Million Year Ice Core 8 December 2021
Nominations for Australian Antarctic Medal open 29 November 2021
What’s in name? 26 November 2021
Future investment planned as Antarctic environment protected 25 November 2021
‘Ground-breaking’ voyage to unlock Earth’s inner secrets
Work & Training Award Winners Announced
“An amazing place” Dave Buller returns as Casey research station leader 18 November 2021
2000 year ice core record explores link between Australian drought and greenhouse gases
From ice cores to cosmic events: plenary speakers announced
Vaccine on ice arrives in Antarctica 29 October 2021
Icy double vax for Antarctic expeditioners
Epic Australian Antarctic season under way 28 October 2021
Naval shipbuilding shambles
Antarctic shipping update 19 October 2021