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Specialist centre at KI delivers expertise in radiation emergency medicine
Immune cells lost in translation: Breakthrough into body’s response to blood cancer
CAR T cell therapy targeting HER2 antigen shows promise against advanced sarcoma in phase I trial
Collaboration With University Of Kragujevac In Serbia
Long-term ALPHA Phase III trial data showed danicopan as add-on to Ultomiris or Soliris sustained clinical improvements in subset of patients with…
AstraZeneca advances scientific leadership in haematology at ASH 2023
New strategy attacks treatment-resistant lymphomas
Examining outcomes in children with Down syndrome and acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Dietary supplement modifies gut microbiome
Prescient to announce Phase 1b cancer trial results at world’s largest haematology conference
Technique shows how abnormal RNA splicing leads to disease
AZD0466 clinical data presented by AstraZeneca at international congress
Danicopan as add-on to Ultomiris or Soliris improved haemoglobin levels and maintained disease control in patients with PNH experiencing signs or symptoms…
BostonGene and Mater Research collaborate in new follicular lymphoma study
Clinical Genome Resource receives global recognition
AstraZeneca showcases strength of haematology portfolio and pipeline across multiple hard-to-treat conditions
HKUST Installs First Woman President Prof. Nancy Ip at 30th Congregation
Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides cell analysis expertise to scientists
CSL and Translational Sciences enter Agreement
Corrupt endothelial cells protect blood cancer cells from chemotherapy
Study sheds light on precancerous ‘clonal outgrowth’ in blood cells
University of Toronto grad Ben Ouyang wants to answer ‘questions that matter most to patients and their families’
Researchers identify Achilles’ heel in neuroblastoma
New research identifies more effective weapon against blood cancers
Mantle cell lymphoma treatment varies according to setting
AstraZeneca demonstrates pipeline and portfolio strength across malignant and rare haematological diseases
Immune therapy targets cells that cause leukemia relapse
Study identifies best treatment for rare childhood cancer
Calquence plus obinutuzumab demonstrated sustained survival benefit
Study reveals potential therapies for aggressive lymphoma
Major discovery provides new hope for blood cancer patients
NCI-COG Pediatric MATCH study shows benefit of genetic screening in refractory tumors
Study shows long-term safety of genetically modified immune effector cells
National Cabinet Statement 20 January
Lymphoma cell metabolism may provide new cancer target
Calquence reduced risk of disease progression or death by 71% vs. standard of care combinations
Oral drug enhances radiation therapy for cancer
AstraZeneca advances ambition to redefine care for blood cancer at ASH 2021
Scientists uncover key vulnerability of aggressive lymphomas
Powerful technique details brain tumors’ resiliency
Baylor awarded NIH funding for Clinical Genome ResourceBaylor awarded NIH funding for Clinical Genome Resource
A car crash. A brain injury. University nursing grad Philiz Goh persevered – and is helping others do same
Weill Cornell entrepreneurship symposium touts innovation
Charcoal a weapon to fight superoxide-induced disease, injury
CSLBehring Gene Therapy Agreement with uniQure
New nano strategy fights superbugs
New chemo combo shows promise versus pancreatic cancer
ERBA Mannheim to Unveil NEXUS Next Generation Automation at AACC 2019