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Non-volatile control of magnetic anisotropy through change of electric polarization
Vicinal Reaction: A Radical Strategy for Linking Three Organic Groups Together
Controlling ion recognition in reactive host-guest systems
Accurate 3D profiling using FMCW optical ranging system
Unravelling an Alternative Mechanism of Airway Mucosal Immunity
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Melatonin is a potential drug for prevention of bone loss during space flight
Characterization of airborne microbes associated with yellow-dust particles transported from Asian
Photocatalytic generation of highly reactive alkynes under visible light conditions
Multi-state switchable stationary phase opens new doors in chiral separation
A nationwide, biopsy-based cohort study revealed prognostic value of overt proteinuria
Robot control system for grasping and releasing objects under both dry and wet conditions
Cancer genes and tumor milieu
Mechanism of scorpion toxin inhibition of K+ channel elucidated using high-speed AFM
Caspase-1 initiates apoptosis, but not pyroptosis, in absence of gasdermin D
Review emphasizes power of simple physical models for complex protein machines
Discovery of cell fate switch from neurons to astrocytes in developing brain
Mapping and measuring proteins on surfaces of endoplasmic reticulum in cells
Rebirth of Japanese black tea market: challenges for entrepreneurial green tea farmers
Opposite piezoresistant effects of rhenium disulfide in two principle directions
Electron beam strengthens recyclable nanocomposite
HGF-inhibitory macrocyclic peptide – mechanisms and potential cancer theranostics