Latest Kanazawa University News

Exploring the effect of H2O2 eustress on individual cancer cells using hopping probe scanning ion conductance microscopy (HPICM)
Biochemical Tails Tell Story
Discovering the molecular recognition of technological solids by mutant self-assembling peptides
Researchers observe the structural heterogeneity of a lipid scramblase
Chromatin Accessibility: New Avenue For Gene Editing
Novel role for S100A11 in focal adhesion regulation
Researchers observe what ubiquitination hinges on
Sodium channel investigation
Researchers predict protein placement on AFM substrates
Researchers fix chirality of helical proteins
Genetic switches in tumor development
Researchers identify the dynamic behavior of a key SARS-CoV-2 accessory protein
Researchers tune speed of chirality switching
Source of electron acceleration and X-ray aurora of Mercury ̶ local chorus waves detected
Unraveling Mystery of Dynamic Friction at Atomic Level
Brain cancer linked to nuclear pore alterations
Hydration matters: The interaction patterns of water and oxide crystals revealed
Researchers define a protocol for narrow cantilever fabrication and high-resolution imaging of living cells using AFM
Ion channel block unraveled
Zeus also plays billiards
Experiments provide insights into the molecular mechanism for memory and learning
Enhancing carbon dioxide reduction
Dynamic 3D structure extraction from HS-AFM images
Experiments reveal chilli-sensitive molecular structure fluctuation changes in TRPV1
Professor Toshio Ando is Awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon in Spring Conferment 2023
Kanazawa University Appears in the Special Feature “Nature Index Japan” of a British Science Journal Nature
Scanning probe simultaneously captures structural and ion concentration changes
Observation of molecular self-assembly of peptides and understanding the mechanism of seamlessly bridging biology with a technological solid
Detect, bind and cut: biomolecular action at nanoscale
Biomolecular sliding at nanoscale
Locking and unlocking molecular structures on demand
Why does severe fatty liver lead to liver damage? Elucidation of the mechanism
Nanoscopic tool assesses alternative Covid prevention
Cancer biology: Some cancer cells can lose their capability to migrate
Offshoot of cells visualized in real time
Biological lasso: Enhanced drug delivery to brain
6th NanoLSI Symposium on November 14-15, 2022
Chemists uncover cracks in amour of cellulose nanocrystals
Chemical fixation causes aggregation artefact
Stomach cancer paradigm shift
Simulating 3D-AFM images for systems not in equilibrium
Elucidation of antiviral/innate immune response activation mechanism of hepatokine LECT2
Revealing atomistic structures behind AFM imaging
Stomach cancer trigger revealed
Assigning moving features in high-speed atomic force microscopy
Promising anticancer molecule identified
Synthesis of tetraphenylammonium, phantom ion whose existence had not been confirmed
Tiling mechanisms of Drosophila compound eye through geometrical tessellation