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Budget For Bulldozers Puts Environment & Nature At Risk
Coffs urges action on ‘you shall not pass’ Moonee Beach footbridge
We cannot afford to fail our youth on vape ban, AMA tells Senate
Trucking lobby trying to distract form the real causes of level crossing collisions
Abetz speaks out against Premier – will he be first to go under “disloyalty ban”? 17 March 2024
Doing It For Kids
Greenpeace calls on car companies that support strong NVES to leave the FCAI, for the body to be renamed
Community Satisfaction Survey
Fuel Efficiency ‘modelling’ from the petrol car lobby is “bullshit”: Greenpeace AP
Minns and Scully taking NSW down the road to Planning Road corruption and Ruin
Labor’s ‘spineless’ decision will send thousands of waterbirds to slaughter
IT’S OFFICIAL: WA Cops admit Papalia’s maps ‘endanger public safety’
NT Chief Minister must scrap Beetaloo & Middle Arm gas projects. Fyles called to Senate Inquiry
Cancellation of Northern Beaches Link Tunnel
Statement from Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath 30 November
Falling dislodged auto twistlock struck deckforeman / team leader
Technology Repair Fair helps people doctor their devices, not dump them
FARE’s statement on Hard Solo and ABAC
Prime Ministers “used” by pro-Israel lobby, APAN says
Climate Group responds to ENVI Committee vote on CO2 targets for new freight trucks
Rebate scheme shortchanges farmers
ABS report shows alcohol-induced deaths have increased for a fourth consecutive year 
Mayor and Deputy Mayor Election 2023
Anti-trans hate report must compel Victoria to act on anti-vilification
Casino wins the labor jackpot while families and businesses go bust
White fails her own leadership test
Community Satisfaction Survey results are in for Victorian councils
Government must commit to gambling ad reforms immediately
Labor caves to big business on tax transparency
First stop for Parli Friends of Electric Vehicles? Strong fuel efficiency standards
Blaming workers for rate rises is lazy and cruel, says ACTU
It’s what consumers wanted: more dollars, real reform
Government-led marketing standards needed to replace alcohol companies’ sham advertising scheme
400 people to be randomly targeted in Council’s community survey
Racing Minister gambling with dogs’ lives in unnecessary and self-imposed delay
Government has a choice this Budget: cut vital health services or make big banks and corporations pay
Fifth times charm for Stroke Award finalist
Forster Library Closure
Glass collection on its way for Corangamite
Short stay rental report to be considered by Council
No grounds evictions to end, now to get rents under control
Appeal after serious assault in Haymarket
NPSP again calls to change timing of Local Government elections
Working together for better building certification
New look panels to combat lobbying risk
Greens push for state-wide pokies pre-commitment limits
Tenth Annual McNair Scholar Symposium
Older homes left out in cold by new Building Sustainability SEPP