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QIMR Berghofer signs licensing, research and manufacturing deal for new cellular immunotherapy with US company Cellevolve Bio
Study offers hope of new treatments for endometrial cancer
Study offers insight into relationship between acid reflux and Covid
‘Magic Glasses’ give hope for COVID safe schools
Study offers hope for deadly side effect of bone marrow transplants
QIMR Berghofer scientist elected Fellow of Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences
Genetic risk test developed to predict alcohol-related cirrhosis of liver
Researchers identify new pathways to target breast cancer
Genetic risk for clinical depression linked to physical symptoms
New study to look at TMS treatment for OCD
New study to look at TMS treatment for OCD
Landmark trial eliminates pest mosquito
Research offers insight into cause of identical twins
Queensland Government funding to accelerate COVID-19 research
Palaszczuk Government amps up COVID research investment
Discovery provides hope for early detection of serious COVID-19
Innovative research centre to image ‘dark space’ of cancer
Study investigating causes of stuttering
A glass half full or a glass half empty?
Clinical trial gives hope to patients with brain cancer
No genetic signs that hearing loss causes Alzheimer’s disease
Funding allows researchers to uncover secrets of COVID-19 immunity
QIMR Berghofer receives million dollar boost for immunological COVID-19 research
There’s no single gene for left-handedness. At least 41 regions of DNA are involved
QIMR Berghofer PhD student selected as a finalist in 2020 Women in Technology Awards
World’s largest eating disorder gene screen
QLD researchers seeking 3,500+ volunteers for world’s largest eating disorders genetics investigation
AUS researchers seeking 3,500+ volunteers for world’s largest eating disorders genetics investigation
Reducing cirrhosis threat for high-risk drinkers
GenomiQa partners with Icon Group to validate an Australian-first diagnostic
Scientists find genes linked to self-harm
New potential weapon found in battle against cancer and inflammatory diseases
Brain cancer clinical trial gives hope to patients
Pessimistic outlook on life linked to life expectancy
New keys found for unlocking head and neck cancer treatment
QIMR Berghofer licenses potential new cancer immunotherapies to Merck
Scientists identify new target for melanoma immunotherapy
Heart research to be revolutionised thanks to $8 million funding boost
Researchers stimulate improvements in Parkinson’s treatment
Blood cancer find raises new treatment hopes
QIMR Berghofer researcher recognised with Queen’s Birthday honour
New evidence of dangers of high-fat diet on pre-cancerous condition
Q&A with Professor Greg Anderson
2021 CSL Centenary Fellowships
QIMR Berghofer researcher acknowledged for global impact on skin cancer prevention
Study finds new clues in eye cancer
Queenslanders needed to help find potential COVID-19 immunotherapy treatment
Scientists to trial rheumatoid arthritis drug in ICU patients with COVID-19