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Smart dashboard should predict regional outbreaks COVID-19
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Future biosensor for continuous monitoring using molecular look-alikes
Unique testbed in Eindhoven paves way for unhackable ‘quantum internet’
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Dilemmas of a care robot in home
A house that responds to your needs
Hable One makes smartphones accessible for blind and visually impaired
Care robots have to think like people, but they’ll never become human
First Tech Talk is ‘a promise for future’
Four TU/e startups competing to become ‘Best academic start-up in Netherlands’
Designing a new language for cars
Cancer-on-a-chip for better understanding of metastasis
Academic Awards recognize outstanding research at TU/e
Defying a 150-year-old rule for phase behavior
Smart bug-checking for software
Significant leap forward in method for cancer treatment
3D smart digital model shows calamities in a city with one-look overview
Dutch solar car serves as a battery on wheels: ‘power, anytime, anywhere’
Innovative research at TU/e awarded with three EU grants
New energy institute TU/e develops smart solutions for energy storage and conversion
New TU/e energy institute EIRES officially opened
Velcro method for more precise binding of drug particles
Biosensor competition SensUs 2020 ready to go online
Search for molecular glue in targeted disease control
Artificial Intelligence speeds up screening for COVID-19 in ERs
Ultra-fast laser-based writing of data to storage devices
ERC Proof of Concept grant to correct errors in ultra-high speed communication
University fund donates quarter of a million for fast and inexpensive COVID detection
Waves of our wireless future
Eindhoven Engine gives green light to new innovation projects
KNCV Gold Medal for Patricia Dankers
TU/e and Fontys University of Applied Sciences to work more closely together
Minister praises TU/e’s cooperation with region
New light-based method for faster and ‘green’ production of building blocks for medicines
Smart solutions for world’s automobility issues
Mathematical model enables more effective treatment in artery contraction in heart
Vertoro takes step towards large-scale production of ‘green oil’ in a pilot plant
New ‘hybrid engine’ for biodegradable nanomotors that transport drugs to diseased tissue
‘Research talent programme’ worth €12.7M launched by university alliance EuroTech
Prestigious Spinoza Prize for polymer chemist Jan van Hest
‘Nanotorch’ highlights ultrafast biochemical reactions
AI based early stage design support for efficient buildings
New understanding in how hydroxychloroquine works undermines its use for corona
Digital copy of your body allows treatments to be tried out