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Can data predict who develops arrhythmias after having myocardial infarction?
Can data predict who develops arrhythmias after havin myocardial infarction?
Detection method for intestinal infections could make camera in intestinal tract unnecessary
New detection method for chronic intestinal infections could make camera in intestinal tract unnecessary
Can data predict who develops arrhythmias after having stroke?
10 year anniversary SFD event
How to conquer difficult veins in patients
Light from silicon proclaimed as ‘Breakthrough of Year’
Working in lab, from home
It is not how long but quality of sleep that determines sleep perception
Revolutionary superconducting magnet plate design and analysis
Multimillion ERC grants bring DNA computing and longer-lasting donor organs closer
New transmission system makes electric cars more powerful, more efficient and potentially cheaper
Accessible and low-cost design of photonic chips with newly launched industrial pilot manufacturing line
Inducing accurately controlled ‘fever’ in tumors to fight cancer
Large-scale research on aerosol dispersion and COVID-19 in sports accommodations
TU/e, WUR, UU and UMC Utrecht establish knowledge alliance
Creating a next-generation photonic-electronic integration circuit
Visualizations that intuitively and accurately reflect data
Three TU/e startups among best academic startups of 2020
Strengthening homes in Groningen against earthquakes
Social distancing research at train stations makes platforms safer
New online tool helps doctors and nurses make better decisions for individual patients
Enhancing performance of future 5G cellular networks
European TRIANKLE project to develop 3D bioprinted implants for ankle joint