Defence Robot on way

With 80% of the world’s oceans remaining unexplored, it is important that we don’t forget the real danger of what could be hiding beneath the water. That is why the City of PAE is taking the brave move to protect residents across Adelaide, by pledging to build the world’s first sea monster protection system in Port Adelaide.

This project has been in the works for a number of years, with staff undertaking project scopes, while enlisting the help and support of marine and defence experts from around the world. Final plans for construction of the world’s first large defence robot were agreed upon at a meeting last Tuesday, with works to begin in the coming financial year.

Designs are already being drawn up, and we will tap into the flourishing local defence sector for construction of this complex project. To save on costs, the lighthouse will be repurposed into a stand and charging port to power the fight against anything that should rise up on our shores. This will also further cement the historic lighthouse as a long term tourist destination in the Port.

As the main port of South Australia, Port Adelaide has a long history, with stories of what lies beneath being told in the pubs far and wide. City of PAE Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Kai Jeou said now is the time we took these stories seriously, “The fact is that we simply don’t know what is down there, so it is really important that we take these brave steps to protect not just our local community but Adelaide as a whole, by planning for the unknown”.

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