Lithium-Ion Battery Safety: Vital Guide For Your Home

Wentworth Shire

Lithium-Ion Battery Safety: A Vital Guide For Your Home

Lithium-ion batteries are the fastest growing fire risk in NSW. Fire and Rescue NSW wants members of the NSW community to understand the risks and be prepared if things go wrong.

Preparation is key:

•Ensure functioning smoke alarms where batteries are charged or stored.

•Charge batteries on non-flammable surfaces like concrete floors, avoiding beds or sofas.

•Large batteries should only be charged in well-ventilated areas like garages or sheds.

Charging Caution:

•Never charge batteries unattended or when sleeping.

•Disconnect devices once fully charged.

•Avoid using and charging devices on flammable surfaces or if damaged.

Charging Essentials:

•Use only approved chargers with the Australian Regulatory Compliance Mark.

•Beware of compatibility issues with chargers.

Safe Disposal:

•Never dispose of damaged batteries in regular waste bins.

•Use designated battery recycling drop-off points.

Warning Signs:

•Dispose of damaged batteries promptly to mitigate fire risks.

•By following these guidelines, you can safeguard your home and community from Lithium-ion battery-related fires. Stay informed, stay safe.

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