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Minister Plibersek handed 20,000 more reasons to cut plastic use
Report card shows Great Barrier Reef still has major water pollution problem
NSW Govt has no solution to save endangered species from lethal shark nets, documents reveal
Promised nature law reform urgently needed so new national EPA not stuck with failed laws
Australia needs to better protect its threatened sharks and rays: new report
Endangered sharks found in 10% of fish sold as ‘flake’: alarming new study
Extinction crisis Senate inquiry highlights need to deliver new nature laws to save Maugean skate
Albanese Govt drops dodgy amendment for offshore gas industry that would have bypassed national environment laws
Budget risks leaving Australia’s oceans and marine life adrift
Albanese Govt’s Future Gas Strategy locks in climate & ocean destruction while GBR fries
obal plastics treaty talks ends disappointingly on production limits
Protect Ningaloo takes gulf fight to German saltworks backer’s HQ 
Queensland votes yes for bold 75% cut to climate pollution
Poll shows Queenslanders support 75% emissions cut target; new bleaching map
National EPA Needs Strong Environment Laws To Enforce
Australia has outsized impact on climate & global coral bleaching
‘Worst I’ve seen’: new footage shows Reef bleaching in deeper waters from record marine heatwave 
Proposed rejection of Toondah Harbour mega marina the right call
These extraordinary Australian islands are teeming with life – and we must protect them before it’s too late
24 03 FSH MR Help save our protected marine life this Easter by choosing sustainable seafood options
24 03 OOG MR Oil and gas bill gazumps national environmental laws even after last-minute changes
First Reef mass coral bleaching event under Albanese Govt – world is watching
Australian water polo flies flag for our Sharks, Stingers & marine life
NT Barra Fishery Endangered Species Plan Flawed
Australia must slash greenhouse gas emissions to protect Reef after latest coral bleaching 
QLD’s climate legislation can’t be passed fast enough with extreme weather battering the state
Salmon must go from Macquarie Harbour to save Maugean skate: submission
Will Maugean skate plan be road to recovery or ruin?
John Williamson’s ARIA-winning ocean anthem becomes book
Great Ocean Rescue Tour a Resounding Success from Ocean Grove to Portland
Greens MPs join community members in a mass paddle-out to oppose siesmic blasting
NSW again rolls out antiquated shark net technology – marine advocates respond by calling on the public to fax the Premier
Government told to stop pretending the shark nets benefit public safety
Plastic pollution in Committee’s sights 10 August
Conservationists slam NOPSEMA decision to allow seismic blasting for controversial Scarborough gas project
Over 150 threatened and protected* wildlife caught in NSW shark nets in the last year, with majority killed, new data reveals
Great Barrier Reef still facing ‘In Danger’ threat next year
Monster seismic blasting plans in southern Australia’s waters threaten whales & marine life
New Great Sandy Marine Park plan is a win for conservation, tourism & recreational fishing 
Plastics feeding climate crisis: emissions to double by 2050
Giant saltworks proposal threatens Exmouth Gulf, Ningaloo
AMCS Patron and literary great Tim Winton awarded Order of Australia
Reef gillnet ban will protect dolphins, dugongs, turtles and sharks in big leap forward
Massive win for Australia’s unique Sub-Antarctic ocean wildlife 
Australia supports limits on plastic production at global negotiations
Byron Bay’s waters recognised internationally as critical for ocean health and needing protection
ACT bans more plastics but drops plan to ditch plastic takeaway containers & polystyrene packaging
Could Tasmania host world’s first extinction of shark or ray in modern times?