Latest Australian Marine Conservation Society News

New Exmouth Gulf Taskforce confirms urgent need for environmental protection
Marine conservationists welcome Labor’s commitment to tackling threats to our Reef and environment
Greens’ bold environmental policy is what our oceans need
Devastating reef snapshot shows increased climate ambition must be top priority for next government
Impending Spanish mackerel decision means success of flagship reforms hangs in balance
Shark nets remain deadly obstacle as humpback whales begin their east coast migration
NT plastic ban will help territory wildlife
New modelling shows risk of Clive Palmer coal mine 10km from Reef ‘too high’
Reef water quality report card shows welcome progress but time running out to meet targets
Marine conservationists praise decade-long program that sees 98% reduction in Australian Sea Lion deaths
For sake of our oceans, IPCC warnings can no longer be ignored
Coral bleaching underway at Ningaloo-Exmouth Gulf is warning we cannot ignore
Another bailout for failing fishery must bring results for our oceans
Monitoring Mission must be taken to see epicentres of severe mass bleaching event on our Reef say marine conservationists
Queensland Government $65 million commitment to address Reef water pollution welcomed
New mapping tool highlights how protected species hotspots and dangerous gillnetting overlap on our Reef
$60m federal recycling investment is welcome help for oceans
Australia’s Christmas and Cocos Islands declared one of largest marine sanctuary areas in world
More bleaching devastation on our Reef exposes woeful Morrison government climate inaction
Local councils say no to shark nets in historic unanimous resolution
UN agreement is vital step towards tackling plastic pollution in Australia’s wildest places
There is still time to avoid IPCC’s dire predictions for our Reef
Greens’ Reef plan will bring benefits to global wonder
Marine conservationists renew calls to close scallop fishery as stocks shown to be at critical level
State of Conservation report is high on spin, low on climate action for Reef
Ocean conservation group welcomes Greens waste & recycling policy
Marine conservationists welcome funding commitment to help tackle water pollution on our Great Barrier Reef
New data shows Reef-protecting bushland still being cleared due to legal loophole
Weak climate goals make new Reef 2050 Plan blueprint for rapid Reef decline
Reform fishing to help sustainable seafood become more available and increase choice in SE Queensland
Queensland Shark Management Plan shows tide is turning on lethal shark control
Support GoodFish restaurants and sustainable seafood this festive season
Tips for sustainable Christmas
Queensland recycling investment will help ocean plastic pollution crisis
Second wave of plastic bans proposed for ACT, QLD and SA
In major announcement, WA Government commits to protect Exmouth Gulf, signalling end to industrial threats
Labor’s climate policy builds momentum but stronger 2030 target needed for our Reef
Great Barrier Reef set to benefit as laws tackling water pollution continue to roll out
Outdated science can’t muddy Reef’s water quality
Australia failing to meet plastic reduction targets, new report shows
NSW whales and seabirds beneficiaries of new plastic laws
COP26: Still hope for Reef but time is running out
Morrison government attempting to water down World Heritage climate policy with revisions
Reef bleaching findings show urgency required on emissions reductions
We must fight harder for our Great Barrier Reef as global icon reaches 40 years of World Heritage
2030 is target our Reef needs
Great Barrier Reef winner as bid to repeal vital water laws is rejected
Fish stocks report shows urgent reforms needed to counter climate crisis impacts