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Call to stay vigilant for symptoms of melioidosis as heavy rains continue
Monbulk Stormwater Harvesting Project opens
Shortages impacting access to glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonist products; increasing the potential for falsified versions
Swimming restrictions eased for ACT waterways
Top tips for staying healthy and well this long weekend
OSHER Gunsberg: sniffing his baby’s head was better than any hit of drugs he’d ever had – with Maggie Dent on LiSTNR
Swimming restricted in some ACT waterways 19 January
Is it safe to drink warm water from tap?
Health and Safety at Tusmore Wading Pool
How often should you wash your sheets and towels?
Why does alcohol make my poo go weird?
Stay food safe this Christmas with TCC tips
Christmas rush leads to rise in horror hand injuries
Funding to find repurposed drugs to fight bacterial infections
Wet season storms bring melioidosis and Ross River virus risks
Don’t let gastro-ho-ho ruin your Christmas
Swimming restrictions eased for some waterways in ACT
New sanitiser kills salmonella in seconds
Swimming restricted in some ACT waterways
Bacteria and stomach cancer: breaking link
Taste depends on nature and nurture. Here are 7 ways you can learn to enjoy foods you don’t like
Stronger core for better plant breeding
World Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Week: 18
Servatus launches new microbiome-based consumer skincare range
Preserving antibiotics for future generations
Child with meningococcal disease 16 November
Mystery Boondall Wetlands pink bloom microbe identified
Using antibacterial lipids in nanoparticles combined with established treatment shows promise against antibiotic resistant bacteria
Two Fins are Better than One: Fish Synchronize Tail Fins to Save Energy
Mater Researchers discover double layer of protection to help gut health
What is ‘fried rice syndrome’? A microbiologist explains this type of food poisoning – and how to avoid it
Hello hay fever – why pressing under your nose could stop a sneeze but why you shouldn’t
How vaping can damage your teeth
Research: DNA shredder for gene therapy
Youth Forum to help shape Ballarat’s Biodiversity Strategy
Worm turns – waste into compost at UC
Roots of Bloody Mary
NSW new don’t let Legionnaires’ disease bloom this spring
Microban launches Ascera(TM): a patent-pending, cutting-edge antimicrobial technology inspired by nature
NSW community urged to be on alert amid rise in listeriosis
Unveiling Novel Mechanism Underlying the Heat Shock Response in Escherichia coli
Does broccoli boost bad bacteria?
6 things to know about pancreatic cancer 18 August
Merck partners to pilot first DeadlyLabs kit
New vaccines available
Is It Strep Throat or Something Else?
Long and slow or fast and furious: the clever way blue-green algae hedge their bets in blooms
New precision identifies microbiome keys to IBD