Latest cell therapy News

First patient receives treatment in Chimeric’s trial of CHM 0201 in AML
Immune networks in tumors prime responses to a personalized immunotherapy
Arovella licences novel CARiNKT cell armouring technology
CAR T cell therapy for T cell lymphoma shows promise in phase I trial
Carina Biotech doses first patient in Phase 1/2a trial of LGR5-Targeted CAR-T cell therapy
Cynata Therapeutics secures approval for Phase 2 trial in Turkey
Orthocell announces final positive results of cell therapy in ‘tennis elbow’ study
Stem Cell Therapy Developed in Korea Begins Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease Patients Worldwide in Japan
Unlocking power of immune system to kill prostate cancer
Preventing Exhaustion of T Cells
AstraZeneca announces collaboration and investment agreement with Cellectis to accelerate cell therapy and genomic medicine ambitions
Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center to open cell therapy clinical trials at Harris Health
Viralgen welcomes back Andy Holt as CCO
Victoria backing Australia’s first stem cell trial for rare genetic disorder
Arovella Therapeutics licences monoclonal antibody for cell therapy development
Cerebral palsy community consulted over stem cell treatment
Researchers combat Zika-associated fetal abnormalities using microRNA
Disrupting a core metabolic process in T cells may improve their therapeutic efficacy
Nanoneedle breakthrough gives hope for cheaper cancer treatment
Imugene licenses allogeneic CAR-T with a potential registration study in 2024
HaemaLogiX and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Announce Myeloma CAR-T Phase I Clinical Trial Agreement
High-resolution map of the human placenta reveals COVID virus hideouts
Cynata Therapeutics announces CEO succession and board changes
AstraZeneca announces agreement with Quell Therapeutics to develop, manufacture and commercialise engineered T-regulatory cell therapies for autoimmune diseases
Light On Horizon For New Eye Clinical Trials
AstraZeneca will highlight momentum of practice-changing cancer medicines across its robust pipeline at ASCO 2023
Chimeric Therapeutics announces new capital raise
CAR-NKT cell therapy shows promising results against neuroblastoma in phase 1 clinical trial
Advanced immunotherapy treatment may hold promise for children with brain cancer
Carina Biotech to present details of planned trial of CAR-T cell therapy candidate
HKUST Sweeps 20 awards at 48th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva
AstraZeneca advances its pipeline and highlights progress in immuno-oncology, ADCs, cell therapy and epigenetics at AACR
Cynata receives ethics approval for proposed aGvHD Phase 2 clinical trial
Surprise finding shows neutrophils can fight tumors
Chimeric Therapeutics reports ‘positive feedback’ on plan for CHM 2101
Chimeric Therapeutics advances manufacture of CHM 2101 viral vector
GreenLight Clinical and Cure Therapeutics look to future collaboration
Chimeric Therapeutics updates on CLTX CAR T clinical trial
Scientists Create Conditions for Stem Cell Growth Similar to Human Embryos
Scientists use materials to make stem cells behave like human embryos
AstraZeneca to acquire Neogene Therapeutics, accelerating ambition in Oncology cell therapy
Generosity drives research forward
High appetite for biotech VC cited in new report
Goldilocks treatment window could lead to cancer therapy without harmful side-effects
Philanthropy accelerates stroke trials
$270 million to accelerate med tech innovation
Australians call for equitable access to new era in fighting cancer
Immune therapy targets cells that cause leukemia relapse