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FAO welcomes $65 million contribution from Asian Development Bank to boost agriculture and food security
Tonga volcanic eruption: what possible impact on agriculture and fisheries?
Climate crisis in focus as Giorgio Parisi joins FAO’s Nobel Laureates Alliance
Horn of Africa: Swift aid for drought-affected farmers and herders needed to avoid hunger crisis
South-South Cooperation: FAO signs key agreement with Chinese Government
FAO and Finland scale up technical innovation to help African countries better monitor and manage forest resources
Global food prices dip in December
Insight – High global food prices present opportunities for Australian agriculture exporters
FAO welcomes $10 million USA contribution to its Covid response efforts
Annual meeting of FAO’s Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism discusses 2022-2025 phase
Hunger in Arab region continues to worsen
Number of hungry in Asia-Pacific swells by more than 50 million since arrival of Covid
New interactive report shows Africa’s growing hunger crisis
FAO and Wageningen University and Research step up joint efforts to advance innovative and strategic approaches for healthy agrifood
Though still low in Europe and Central Asia, hunger rates worsened by pandemic impacts
Sustainable tourism can offer mountain communities path to prosperity and inclusion
Peste des Petits Ruminants: FAO calls for more funding to eradicate disease by 2030
Global Environment Facility approves $13.6 million for FAO-led projects
New FAO report on land and water resources paints an alarming picture
Rome’s traditional Christmas lighting illuminates SDGs
Spearheading shift from disaster response to anticipatory action in agriculture
Plastics in agrifood systems: good, bad and ugly
FAO pledges upscaled support for better nutrition and healthy diets for all
World Soil Day: FAO highlights threat of soil salinization to global food security
FAO requires $1.5 billion to save lives and livelihoods of up to 50 million people in 2022
FAO unveils new Technical Platform for Family Farming
FAO Food Price Index rises in November
New UN report: Hunger in Latin America and Caribbean rose by 13.8 million people in just one year
FAO in 2022: Time for extraordinary efforts to continue walking talk
Transforming Africa’s agrifood systems requires coordinated policies across sectors
Safeguarding mountain vegetation: FAO receives 2021 GEO Sustainable Development Goals Award
Horn of Africa: “We want to prevent as many people as possible from having to rely solely on food assistance”
New partnership between FAO and Qatar Fund for Development targets food insecurity in Somalia
Fall Armyworm: Scaling up response across globe
60% of all soils are unhealthy in EU
“We may soon reach a tipping point when AMR surpasses heart disease and other so-called lifestyle illness as leading cause
Making agrifood systems more resilient to shocks: Lessons from Covid pandemic
World Fisheries Day 2021 hears calls to halt exploitation of fishers
FAO publishes new plan to counter antimicrobial resistance
Dreamworks Trolls and UN launch campaign for healthier eating and more sustainable living
Afghanistan – to avert catastrophe, agricultural assistance is urgently needed
Revamped state-of-the-art forest and land monitoring tool to reverse forest loss and combat climate change
New “rooftop farm” at FAO highlights how innovative technology can help safeguard agro-biodiversity
World Food Forum: follow-up actions to tap young people’s innovative potential
FAO and KSrelief to scale up cooperation on humanitarian work, data-driven development
UN agencies back bold plan to ensure every child in need gets regular healthy meal in school by 2030
Africa’s Great Green Wall gives viable return on investments, FAO-led study finds
Statement on passing of F.W. De Klerk, former President of Republic of South Africa