Latest Fisheries Management News

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New rules to include all finfish in combined daily bag limit for recreational fishers
ACIAR-supported scholars graduate new fisheries course
Aussie seafood on your Easter menu is great choice for you and our seafood industry
Development Proposal – Integrated 8 April
AFMA’s Sea Rider provides expertise on Pacific fisheries and regional legal frameworks
Australia’s first National Fisheries Plan is catch of day
New fisheries laws for IOT
UN Commission on Status of Women reaffirms women’s and girls’ leadership as key to address climate change
WA celebrates 10 years of commitment to sustainable fisheries
2022 banana prawn pre-season briefings
Bill to support Offshore Marine Aquaculture Research passes
Members sought for various AFMA Resource Assessment Groups
Development Proposal – Integrated 1 March
Putting freeze on IUU fishing
Changes to boost recovery of demersal scalefish stocks
Invitation to AFMA’s Annual Public Meeting Tuesday 15 March 2022
Sharing information online to safeguard fish resources
ETBF seabird mitigation and reporting requirements 2022
Herring stock recovery fishing management success story
Deep diving into managing one of our greatest resources!
Murray cod enthusiasts welcome Codference return
Commission for Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna – Executive Secretary position
Fisheries legislation Discussion Paper released
Tonnes of deadly marine debris removed from Australia’s northern waters
Protect seamounts and ban bottom trawling right now
Applications for management advisory committee members close 10 Feb
Indian foodies lured by Australia’s Patagonian toothfish
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