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World Fisheries Day: FAO and Vatican urge social protection for fishers
NSW Government’s agenda passes State Parliament
NSW Government’s reform agenda passes parliament
Government’s serious failure to consult on new fisheries laws
$500,000 catch of day in popular fishing grants program
Oxfam calls on NSW government to respect cultural fishing rights
Seeking members for AFMA’s Management Advisory Committees and Resource Assessment Groups
Bycatch handling – know your responsibilities
Green pressure helps keep check on commercial fishing
Bill modernises fisheries management
Record Budget boost to protect Great Barrier Reef
We reveal just how much fishing gear is lost at sea each year
Govt failing our oceans
Fishing gear lost at sea globally revealed
Protecting ACT’s native fish
Recreational herring fishers can now enjoy bigger bag limit
Indonesia and Australia conclude joint maritime operation
Putting pressure on illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing
AFMA E-monitoring Standards Based Program
Review predicts big climate change impact on some marine mammals
Managing Tasmania’s Rock Lobster Fishery for future generations
Endorsement of transshipment guidelines marks key move against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing
Fisheries and aquaculture key to providing food, nutrition and jobs across world, says FAO Director-General
Public call for research proposals for potential AFMA funding in 2023/24
New Zealand’s inaction on turtle bycatch in fisheries risks reputational damage — and it’s pushing leatherbacks closer to extinction
Fisheries managers ignoring stock data for long-lived orange roughy
83rd AFMA commission meeting – Chairman’s Summary
84th AFMA commission meeting – Chairman’s Summary
81st AFMA commission meeting – Chairman’s Summary
82nd AFMA commission meeting – Chairman’s Summary
79th AFMA Commission Meeting – Chairman’s Summary
80th AFMA commission meeting – Chairman’s Summary
AFMA seeks consultant to review consultative arrangements
AFMA seeks regulatory consultative arrangements consultant
Government responds to PM’s Chief Science Advisor’s report on commercial fishing
Reeling in abstracts for fishing conference
Feedback sought on action plan to protect sharks
One size doesn’t fit all for successful Marine Protected Areas
Ocean warming threatens richest marine biodiversity
Time to turn tide on ocean health after dire environment report released
New SA officer for fisheries, aquaculture R&D
Details needed on cameras on vessels announcement
‘Safety in numbers’ tactic keeps Pacific salmon safe from predators
Orange roughy research shows long lived fish must be left to recover
Amazon River freshwater fish show signs of overexploitation
What is illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing?
Sustainable seafood guide updates show some iconic Queensland seafood still comes with side of endangered species
New roadmap for nsw seafood sector