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Working For Better Future
Countdown to 2030: Stronger alignment for country impact
Australian dividend payouts to shareholders rise 6 times faster than worker pay since 2020
Health and safety consensus is dead, and WorkSafe cuts are burying it
Standing Strong With Union Support
World of Work stakeholders voice support for the pandemic accord, highlighting workers’ rights and needs during pandemics
Financing social protection and care systems turbocharges economies, reduces poverty
Indigenous officer’s pilot career takes off
Working under the sun causes 1 in 3 deaths from non-melanoma skin cancer, say WHO and ILO
Anga Whakamua | Shaping our Futures President’s Speech
ILO/IAPB Eye health and the world of work
Member States agree on International Day of Care and Support: A milestone for gender equality and sustainable societies
New national human rights framework for Australia
Indigenous Peoples can lead us all through the turbulence and risks of our era, Türk says
ILO Conventions will stamp out violence, harassment in the workplace and child labour
Onya, Australia – time for New Zealand to do more to eliminate workplace violence and child labour
Australia commits to international standards on child labour and stamping out violence and harassment at work
Government ratifies ILO Conventions to eliminate violence and harassment at work and child labour
Innovative technology can help curb child labour in agriculture
Cambodia: Casino Union Leader Chhim Sithar and Strikers Convicted
UN Committee on Migrant Workers publishes findings on El Salvador, Morocco, Nigeria and Philippines
Leading disability advocate applauds those aspiring to provide quality disability housing in a market saturated with forced NDIS group homes and poor designs
2023 World Day for Safety and Health at Work and Workers’ Memorial Day
Belarus report finds systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations
CFMEU calls for Fair Work Ombudsman to be abolished, replaced with worker-focused regulator
Treaties Committee reports on the minimum age convention
Treaties Committee to consider ILO violence and harassment convention
Türk calls for a human rights economy
Port Hedland Seeks ITF Inspector: Now Hiring
Representing Australia in Singapore
TWU statement on south Korean government’s plans to issue return-to-work orders against striking truck drivers
Supporting seafarer welfare-the DCN Maritime and Shipping Awards 2022
WHO and ILO call for new measures to tackle mental health issues at work
Australia signals commitment to key international standard on child labour
Ship detained after ILR workshop on labor abuse among fishers
New global alliance launched to end AIDS in children by 2030
More ambition needed from asset managers on fundamental labour rights
International Conference on Social protection reform in Morocco
Presenting UNDESA-UNITAR’s analytical paper at Multi-Sector Policy Dialogue between Government of Seychelles and UNCT
ARPANSA Boosts UV Protection Globally
ILO findings misinterpreted
BusinessNZ pleased with ILO outcome
ILO rejects Business NZ criticism of FPAs
BusinessNZ complaint to ILO on Fair Pay Agreements fails
NZ on short list: breach of international law
AFPA highlights global opportunities for sustainable forestry jobs at World Forestry Congress in Kor
Pandemic worsened inequality for migrant fishers
Sima Bahous meets with European Development Ministers and delivers keynote address to G7 Care Conference