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Terradyne Armored Vehicles Inc. Completes Production of Evacuation Ambulances for Ukraine
Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) Receives Order to Deliver MANET Soldier Solutions to Korean Forces and Signs MoU With Huneed Technologies
Former Ukrainian President visits The University of Manchester
Continuing support for Ukraine
Australian Capabilities to continue Supporting Ukraine
Security Council: Security Council Resolutions 1160 (1998), 1199 (1998), 1203 (1998), 1239 (1999) and 1244 (1999)
Meeting with President of Lithuania
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Poland Minister of Defense Visits Boeing Apache Site
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General Assembly: 90th & 91st Meetings (AM & PM)
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New Zealand to sign NZ-EU Free Trade Agreement and attend NATO Summit
Commandos commemorate Corporal Cameron Baird VC
GA-ASI Selects ScioTeq to Support Detect and Avoid Program
Australia-UK FTA helps Aussie social impact company, WithYouWithMe expand in the UK
‘Cause for Optimism’ in Delivering Justice to Libyan People, International Criminal Court Prosecutor Tells Security Council, Citing Progress in Past Six Months
It’s being called Russia’s most sophisticated cyber espionage tool. What is Snake, and why is it so dangerous?
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