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Shipment of newest malaria vaccine, R21, to Central African Republic marks latest milestone for child survival
US hostility towards the ICC is nothing new – it has long supported the court only when it suits American interests
Kenyan fishers face increased drowning risk from climate change
Government must support LGBTQIA+ human rights defenders, says Australian aid peak
Nations unite to eliminate mercury-containing medical devices
Promoting Agritech in South Sudan: UNITAR Alum Kuena James
Playing with the kids is important work for chimpanzee mothers
FAO launches global 10-year initiative to reduce the need for antimicrobials for sustainable agrifood systems transformation
Türk dismayed at ruling upholding discriminatory anti-gay law: Uganda
Stakeholders convene in Uganda on responsible use of the life sciences
Protect Habitat To Prevent Pandemics
Strengthened Midwifery Increases Women’s Access To Care
Pacific Islands Write-Shop Empowers Leaders to Secure Climate Finance  
African health ministers commit to end malaria deaths
World’s first global technical advisory group on motorcycle safety convened by WHO
UNOSAT 2023 Year in Review: Fostering Resilience and Innovation Worldwide
Colostrum provides long-lasting immunity boost for babies
Coups, Violence, Climate Change among Factors Destabilizing Central Africa, Delegates Underline in Security Council
COP28: FAO marks International Mountain Day 2023 with focus on restoring ecosystems
Uganda takes the lead: piloting the Global guidance framework for the responsible use of the life sciences: mitigating biorisks and governing dual-use research
COP28: Fighting AMR requires action on ground, Qu says
WHO’s annual malaria report spotlights the growing threat of climate change
World Safety Congress to collaborate on managing future workplace risks
Four-day school week
Laidlaw scholars build global communities
Climate Whiplash: extreme fluctuations between drought and flooding are devastating millions of lives – exclusive WaterAid research reveals
FAO opens Global Forum for Animal Feed and Feed Regulators
National stakeholder workshop for piloting the WHO global guidance framework for the responsible use of the life science in Uganda
Piloting WHO global guidance framework for responsible use of life science in Uganda
Immediate action is needed to get Africa on track with global goals
Cost saving option for chronic care in Africa
NIH grant to launch center for diagnostics to improve global health
The dark side of solar: how off-grid products are creating waste in Africa
Opinion: Greater R&D investment essential to unlocking our potential as a nation
Türk announces closure of UN Human Rights office in Uganda
Message by the Director of the Department of Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals at WHO – July 2023
UN Human Rights Committee publishes findings on Brazil, Burundi, Colombia, Cyprus, Lesotho, State of Palestine and Uganda
Human Rights Committee Adopts Report on Follow-Up to Concluding Observations on Mexico, Niger, Portugal and Senegal
Director-General urges all FAO Members to reduce drivers of migration
Chronic disease inspires career in science
Working With High-Risks Countries in Building Climate Resilience Through Geospatial Technology in Asia, Pacific and Africa
18 million doses of first-ever malaria vaccine allocated to 12 African countries for 2023-2025: Gavi, WHO and UNICEF
In Dialogue with Uganda, Experts of the Human Rights Committee Commend Improvement of Prison Conditions, Raise Issues Concerning the Anti-Homosexuality Law and Free Elections
In Dialogue with Brazil; Experts of the Human Rights Committee Commend Progress on Addressing Human Rights Violations in Prisons, Raise Issues Concerning…
Mission Drawdown in Democratic Republic of Congo Must Not Create Stability Vacuum, Jeopardize Civilian Protection, Senior Official Tells Security Council
Human Right Committee Opens One Hundred and Thirty-Eighth Session
HSF advises Sumitomo Corporation on fintech investment to support growth for underbanked communities in Africa
Innovative technology can help curb child labour in agriculture