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AGA announces 2021-2023 FORWARD Program Scholars
Hungry yeast are tiny, living thermometers
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Astronomers focus robotic eyes on Milky Way, our cosmic home
Astronomers turn robotic eyes on Milky Way, our cosmic home
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Shifting ocean closures best way to protect animals from accidental catch
Researchers find grim outlook for animals tied to same habitats
Study Finds Distinct Gut Microbiomes in Male and Female Carnivores
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Decoding dementia in dogs could help fight Alzheimer’s
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Simulations show how earthquake early warning might be improved for magnitude-9 earthquakes
Kids, teens believe girls aren’t interested in computer science, study shows
New method shows today’s warming ‘unprecedented’ over past 24,000 years
Political ads during 2020 presidential election cycle collected personal information and spread misleading information
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UW oceanographer will study how glacial particles remove CO2 from atmosphere
How Dungeness crabs’ complex lifecycle will be affected by climate change
After California’s 3rd-largest wildfire, deer returned home while trees were ‘still smoldering’
University of Toronto’s Janelle Taylor to study experiences, care needs of Alzheimer’s patients
How ‘ice needles’ weave patterns of stones in frozen landscapes
UW joins USAID’s $125 million project to detect emerging viruses with pandemic potential
New NSF-funded institute to harness AI for accelerated discoveries in physics, astronomy and neuroscience
UW Climate Impacts Group, partner organizations launch Northwest Climate Resilience Collaborative
Male giraffes are more socially connected than females
UW and UC San Diego researchers honored for their work discovering that someone could hack car
Coral recovery during a prolonged heatwave offers new hope
New mammal reference genome helps ID genetic variants for human health
A.I. model shows promise to generate faster, more accurate weather forecasts
Researchers at University Scarborough help isolate salmon-killing chemical in car tires
Warm oceans helped first human migration from Asia to North America
Round 2 of Washington study underway to determine food, economic insecurity during pandemic
NSF-funded deep ice core to be drilled at Hercules Dome, Antarctica
Smellicopter is an obstacle-avoiding drone that uses a live moth antenna to seek out smells
Military flights biggest cause of noise pollution on Olympic Peninsula
Researchers discover how bean plants fend off famished foes
Tire-related chemical is largely responsible for adult coho salmon deaths in urban streams
Leaving so soon? Unusual planetary nebula fades mere decades after it arrived
How a police contact by middle school leads to different outcomes for Black, white youth
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