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AI headphones let wearer listen to a single person in a crowd, by looking at them just once
Meat Freshness Labels Could Replace Use-by Dates
Packaged-meat labels that show freshness could replace use-by dates, reducing food waste
Unlocking the future of biotechnology: ICED revolutionises enzyme design
UW atmospheric scientist participating in field campaign to improve Western snowfall, drought forecasts
How newborn chicks are helping to settle a centuries-old debate about cognition and our senses
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Navy Growler jet noise over Whidbey Island could impact 74,000 people’s health
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Everyday life and its variability influenced human evolution at least as much as rare activities like big-game hunting
Speaker: Content moderation is free speech, not censorship
Power outages linked to heat and storms are rising, and low-income communities are most at risk, as a new NYC study shows
Scientists solve chemical mystery at the interface of biology and technology
New Circuit Boards Can Be Repeatedly Recycled
New technology uncovers mechanism affecting generation of new COVID variants
Ice age climate analysis reduces worst-case warming expected from rising CO2
Saturn’s ocean moon Enceladus is able to support life − my research team is working out how to detect extraterrestrial cells there
Infections after surgery are more likely due to bacteria already on your skin than from microbes in the hospital − new research
New report ‘braids’ Indigenous and Western knowledge for forest adaptation strategies against climate change
Everyday social interactions predict language development in infants
If life exists on Jupiter’s moon Europa, scientists might soon be able to detect it
What four decades of canned salmon reveal about marine food webs
In the Field: UW researchers traveling to capture total solar eclipse
Cancer-predisposition variants associated with adverse outcomes in rhabdomyosarcoma
Signs of life detectable in single ice grain emitted from extraterrestrial moons
Citizen scientist group finds 15 rare ‘active asteroids’
Free school meals for all may reduce childhood obesity, while easing financial and logistical burdens for families and schools
UW researchers taught kids to code with cultural research and embroidery machines
What we know so far about the rumoured Apple smart ring
AI analysis of historical satellite images show USSR collapse in 1990s increased methane emissions, despite lower oil and gas production
Salty foods are making people sick − in part by poisoning their microbiomes
Immune cells can adapt to invading pathogens, deciding whether to fight now or prepare for the next battle
Scientists CT-scanned thousands of natural history specimens, which you can access for free
80 mph speed record for glacier fracture helps reveal the physics of ice sheet collapse
Vision Zero road safety projects in Seattle are unlikely to have negative impacts on local business sales, UW study finds
Discrimination Drives Smoking Habits, Hurting Heart Health
Babies use their immune system differently but efficiently
Improving screening of new drugs inspires QUT Fulbright Scholar
First-ever atomic freeze-frame of liquid water
Foul fumes pose pollinator problems
UW-developed smart earrings can monitor a person’s temperature
Parents’ conversational approaches about Black Lives Matter differ by race
Juniper Networks Unveils Industry’s First AI-Native Networking Platform to Deliver Exceptional User Experiences and Lower Operational Costs
Using photos to create 3D models is helping us understand – and protect – complex marine environments
UW research helps California forest managers assess smoke hazards from prescribed burns
Husky football players take their skills from the field to the classroom and beyond