Homegrown cyber capabilities critical to protect South Australian industry

Exploring new investment and growth opportunities for South Australia’s growing cyber sector is the focus of Premier Steven Marshall’s trip to the United States state of Maryland today.

Maryland is a globally recognised leader for cyber security, with some of the most skilled and experienced professionals in the industry.

“While cyber threats will continue to escalate globally and we must be prepared to protect our state, we also need to look at the business opportunity that this growing global cyber sector offers” Premier Marshall said.

“There is a critical requirement for cyber-trained workers for major defence projects, as well as the economy more broadly.

“It is important companies in the defence supply chain are armed with cyber-ready capabilities, and naturally, the key to advancing South Australia’s cyber industry and capabilities is building a trained and skilled workforce.

“This visit is a perfect chance to explore collaboration opportunities across research, education and training as South Australia looks to build its cyber capabilities.

“Maryland is a trailblazer in cyber security, and South Australia could unlock its future potential as a hub of cyber security by looking to this well-known cyber ecosystem and exploring opportunities for growth and collaboration.

“Our focus is to position South Australia as a global leader in the cyber security industry, which will not only protect our most important assets and defence projects from cyberattacks, but also create new job opportunities and stimulate economic growth for our state.

“Taking insights from international best-practices and working collaboratively with international partners will strengthen our expertise and skills to be globally competitive in the cyber security industry.”

The trip includes visits to the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) Centre for Cybersecurity, the National Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (NCCoE), and the cybersecurity training and simulation centre Maryland Range.

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