Māori population estimates: Mean year ended 31 December 2023 (2018-base)

Estimates of the Māori ethnic population of New Zealand by age and sex.

Key facts

This release contains the provisional estimate of the national Māori ethnic population for the mean year ended 31 December 2023.

The mean year ended population is the average population over the year, based on the estimated population at the end of each quarter.

For mean year ended December 2023:

  • the Māori ethnic population grew by 12,900 (1.5 percent annual increase compared with the mean year ended December 2022)
  • New Zealand’s estimated Māori ethnic population was 904,100
  • there were 453,800 Māori females and 450,300 Māori males.

During the December 2023 year:

  • natural increase (births minus deaths) was 12,600. The balance of Māori population gain is made up of net migration and net inter-ethnic mobility (those changing their ethnic identification to include Māori, minus those no longer including Māori in their ethnic identification).

Note: Due to rounding, individual figures may not sum to stated totals.

Estimates are only available at the national level. Population estimates are currently 2018-based until results are available from the 2023 Census of Population and Dwellings, and the 2023 Post-enumeration Survey as follows:

  • first release of 2023 Census data – 29 May 2024
  • release of 2023 Post-enumeration Survey results – 9 December 2024
  • release of 2023-base population estimates and revised 2018−2024 population estimates – early 2025.

More data

Use Infoshare to access time-series data for the Māori ethnic group resident population:

Subject category: Population
Group: Population estimates

Definitions and metadata

Māori population estimates – DataInfo+ provides information about methods, usage, and limitations of estimating the Māori population.

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Māori population estimates: At 30 June 2024 (2018-base) will be released on 21 November 2024.

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