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New Research Centre Established to Honour Union Leader Laurie Carmichael
IR changes will allow employers to cut pay and conditions
New report shows majority of casuals do not receive loading and have regular hours
Secret deal a distraction from WorkChoices revival
ACTU briefs Super Trustees Forum on campaign against attacks on super
ACTU: Greenfield agreements will not be supported if workers lose rights
Relatives of workers killed on job speak in Canberra to push for nation-wide industrial manslaughter laws
Aged care funding papers over chronic problems
Australian unions join a global day of action to stop trade union repression in Philippines
Update on proposed outsourcing of Qantas’ Australian airports ground handling services
Renewable energy sector can create tens of thousands of secure jobs
Court rejects Qantas workers bid for sick leave
Employers must step up to close gender pay gap
Government refuses to commit to super increase
A retirement that never comes: COVID-19 workers will work until they drop if super rise delayed
Unemployment continues to climb
ACTU Indigenous Conference plans renewed campaign against CDP
Working from home must work for everybody
ACTU Charter risks deterring businesses from accepting working from home arrangements
ETU Apprentice of Year stands out in a line-up of strong tradeswomen
Union movement makes a paper tiger from regional trade pact
Secret RCEP trade deal to be signed without oversight
Un-amended JobMaker scheme will only create insecure work
ACTU calls for oversight to ensure tax payer funding delivers for women
Morrison cuts JobSeeker to $51.21 per day
Climate Change Bill presents opportunity for Morrison to catch up with rest of world
JobMaker scheme will churn workers through short-term, insecure jobs
JobMaker follows trend: poorly designed, unable to deliver
Unemployment increases as Morrison pulls support
183 deaths at work in 2019, first increase in more than
Test of budget to come: will jobs be saved and secure jobs created?
Government cuts support to 3.5 million
National Skills Commission must do better and deliver for workers
Morrison rips support from workers in midst of crisis
Statement from ACTU Secretary Sally McManus on IR working groups
Qantas workers win thousands in backpay after court backs JobKeeper claim
Morrison provides a Technology Roadmap without a destination
Australians face risk of another Abbott-designed, anti-worker trade deal
Workers demand Action for Aged Care
Government must stay course on JobKeeper and JobSeeker
MUA calls on government to ratify ILO Convention C190
Statement from ACTU President Michele O’Neil on Virgin Australia sale to Bain Capital
Australia plunges into first recession in 30 years – but still no plan to support and create jobs
FWC Award Flexibility Schedule – an Important Initiative for Employers and Employees
Equal pay day – Pandemic response must address gender pay gap
Morrison Government undermines workers’ rights to bargain
Statement from ACTU President Michele O’Neil on Qantas job cuts
ACTU provides plan for jobs in pre-budget submission