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Wages flatline despite record low unemployment
Urgent action needed as real wages fall to 2011 level
Wages need to rise along with guaranteed skills and training for workers in Australia to expand migration numbers
Banking CEOs pay up 36 per cent as banks make billions by suppressing wages
Union demands will be economic wrecking ball
Greens welcome ACTU’s call for Stage Three tax cuts to be repealed
Full and secure employment must be top economic goal
ACTU welcomes action on EBA terminations
RBA confirms real wage cuts until mid-2024
Militant managers at Svitzer Tugs determined to trash waterfront labour negotiations
ACTU welcomes Greens’ support for Climate Bill
Oil giants’ sky-high profits fuels cost of living crisis
Interest rate increases worsen cost-of-living crisis
Peak bodies respond
Domestic Violence Bill significant departure from FWC proposal
Wage crisis deepens for workers
Access To Paid Family Violence Leave Will Help Save Lives
10 days paid Family and Domestic Violence leave introduced into parliament after years of union campaigning
Unions welcome Government action on climate change
Alarming inflation figures reveal price pressures faced by business, households
Lost decade of wage growth and inflation at 6.1%
Record number of First Nations parliamentarians opportunity to further First Nations workers
ACTU welcomes end to anti-worker building code
ACTU support for Svitzer workers
ACTU Executive calls on employers to do more as Covid cases surpass peak
RBA: Businesses raising prices, not wages, contributing to inflation
Record profits driving cost of living crisis
Albanese backs workers by restoring Covid sick leave
Low unemployment not delivering wage growth or keeping workers safe
No pay restraint for CEOs
Curtin University study backs AWU’s alarm at extent of workplace silicosis health risk
Jobs and Skills Summit must find way forward for workers
Nation-wide rallies call on Carpet Court to back workers
More than 1000 airline engineers denied pay increase after 4-year wage freeze
Disaster Payment cuts will hit frontline workers hardest
Unions continue to improve superannuation on its 30-year anniversary
Wage increase comes into effect on first full pay period after today, for one in four workers
Access to childcare, skills and training can fill growing job vacancies
Morrison Government decision set to cut paid pandemic leave despite nearly 200,000 weekly cases
ETU First Nations delegate Thor is changing minds on Queensland work sites
ACTU welcomes ALP’s commitment to including 10 days paid FDV Leave in NES
Unions win historic wage increase
Health and safety recognised as fundamental right at work by International Labour Organisation
NSW Government must act swiftly on silica recommendations
First Nations Workers Alliance June news
Employers ignoring strong productivity growth and record profits as they push for wage cuts
Employer groups push for cuts and freezes for lowest paid workers
Worker’s share of GDP hits all time low as profits and productivity increase