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Climate Reporting Across Jurisdictions: Mapping Applicability and Charting a Course Forward
‘It could be the death of the museum’: why research cuts at a South Australian institution have scientists up in arms
Dr. Mary Dickinson named a 2023 Fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Science
Apple Cuts Greenhouse Emissions In Half
Worried about housing shortages and soaring prices? Your community’s zoning laws could be part of the problem
Apple ramps up investment in clean energy and water around the world
Researchers Develop Energy-Efficient Computer by Combining CMOS with Stochastic Nanomagnet
Telix’s TLX101-CDx granted fast track designation by US FDA
Opinion piece: Unenforceable and unnecessary non‑competes hold us back
Climate change is causing marine ‘coldwaves’ too, killing wildlife
Architectural-art installation takes center stage at Coachella
AFP Traps RAT Developer
Domestic violence survivors seek homeless services from a system that often leaves them homeless
HKUST, HKMA and HKIMR Host Global CBDC Conference Featuring Expert Insights from Asia, Europe, and North America
Life as a Cornell entrepreneur: ‘I have people in my corner who inspire me’
Body armour made from silk is being developed – but this apparently cutting-edge idea is centuries old
Pushing Limit With Apple Watch Ultra And Speed Project
Kerr-Enhanced Optical Spring for Next-Generation Gravitational Wave Detectors
2024 City Nature Challenge
Factors Influencing Fruit Yield and Size in Day-neutral Strawberry Varieties
Phosphorus Fertilization Can Improve Young Almond Tree Growth in Multiple Replant Settings
How medieval chroniclers interpreted solar eclipses and other celestial events
What You Do and Don’t Know About Racial Inequities in Health Care Can Hurt You
Online child safety laws could help or hurt – 2 pediatricians explain what’s likely to work and what isn’t
Women with obesity do not need to gain weight during pregnancy
Police Charge Man After Theft Of Reptiles
After 10 years of work, landmark study reveals new ‘tree of life’ for all birds living today
Tree of Life for Modern Birds Revealed The Largest and Most Complete Study Pinpoints Timing of Evolution
Cancer-predisposition variants associated with adverse outcomes in rhabdomyosarcoma
NASA’s mission to an ice-covered moon will contain a message between water worlds
Australian team plays pivotal role in US project
‘You the Engineer’ climate change course opens to Title 1 schools
Gut microbiota and antibiotics: Missing puzzle piece discovered
Astronomers discover 49 new galaxies in under three hours
We went looking for glowing interstellar gas – and stumbled on 49 unknown galaxies
Australian Satellite On Mission To Clean Up Space Junk
We have revealed a unique time capsule of Australia’s first coastal people from 50,000 years ago
Challenges For Blue Whale Populations
Signaller’s Network Reaches US
Mars Sample Return a top scientific priority, Lunine testifies
New studies suggest millions with mild cognitive impairment go undiagnosed, often until it’s too late
American Civil War: prize-winning new book reveals plight of underage soldiers
Diggers experiment to innovate in US
A Class Affair Set For Motors & Masterpieces
Consortium identifies 5 grand challenges in biomedical engineering
To Vape Or Not To Vape: When E-cigarette Tax Has Impact
Twin stars reveal planet-eating habits
Is hyaluronic acid as effective as skincare brands claim?