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Buyouts can bring relief from medical debt, but they’re far from a cure
Redwood trees are growing almost as fast in the UK as their Californian cousins – new study
E for equity? E-scooter and e-bike schemes can help people on low incomes and with disabilities
Sitting is bad for your health and exercise doesn’t seem to offset the harmful effects
The Southern Ocean upwelling is a mecca for whales and tuna that’s worth celebrating and protecting
High-energy laser weapons: A defense expert explains how they work and what they are used for
Equity Fellowship Supports Bold Research Vision
Exploring Genetic Diversity Of New Almond Accessions
Michigan Gov. Whitmer proposes a caregiver tax credit − an idea many Americans support
DNA Aptamer Drug Sensors Can Instantly Detect Cocaine, Heroin and Fentanyl – Even When Combined With Other Drugs
Panda diplomacy: what China’s decision to send bears to the US reveals about its economy
Service NSW to shine at Mardi Gras Parade for the first time
Ashurst advises on the largest company listed in 2023 and the first humanoid robotic IPO in Hong Kong 
Dr. Christina Howley: ‘Working to protect Cape York’s remote waterways is worth the constant challenge’
Driving change: Accelerating the transition to electric vehicles in America
Making the moral of the story stick − a media psychologist explains the research behind ‘Sesame Street,’ ‘Arthur’ and other children’s TV
Distinguished scientists set to share research with new audiences
Victoria’s power outage could have been far worse. Can we harden the grid against extreme weather?
Navy Veterans Build High-tech Watercraft For US Marines
More Than 100 SA Jobs Thanks To Cool New US Deal
Innovator in Optoelectronics: Fumio Koyama Awarded IEEE Nick Holonyak Jr. Medal for Semiconductor Optoelectronic Technologies
Some truths are self-evident: Joe Biden is too old. But who could possibly replace him?
Ludwig Institute Scientific Director Chi Van Dang receives the 2024 AACR-Margaret Foti Award
What is Sora? A new generative AI tool could transform video production and amplify disinformation risks
General Atomics Expands International Collaborations and Partnerships With Japan in Critical and Emerging Technologies
How long does back pain last? And how can learning about pain increase the chance of recovery?
Second interfaith dinner aims for friendship and joy
Is Russia looking to put nukes in space? Doing so would undermine global stability and ignite an anti-satellite arms race
Australians are washing microplastics down the drain and it’s ending up on our farms
First-ever atomic freeze-frame of liquid water
Australia’s shot-hole borer beetle invasion has begun, but we don’t need to chop down every tree under attack
Do apes have humor?
Australian almond sector set for “year of growth” – Rabobank report
Swift action required on safety during outdoor concerts
ISU physicist helps set the U.S. priorities for investing millions in particle physics
The world’s spectacular animal migrations are dwindling. Fishing, fences and development are fast-tracking extinctions
Studying the Impact of U.S. Penal System ‘Pay-to-Stay’ Policies
DEXIS Drives Dental Imaging Innovation with Introduction of AI-Powered Implant Ecosystem
Surprise physics in insulating material offer path for faster tech
Warning: hot sand danger at beach this weekend
UW-developed smart earrings can monitor a person’s temperature
BluWave-ai and Sunbank, an Independent Power Producer, Enable Dispatchable Renewables With AI Integrated With Microsoft Azure
Sophomore twins and space enthusiasts reach for stars
UQ research gets global boost
USHER’s Road to Halftime on Apple Music launches today
Andrew Hall Opening Statement Parliamentary Inquiry into insurers’ responses to 2022 major floods
Police seek help to find missing girl at Cornubia
Homo sapiens already reached northwest Europe more than 45,000 years ago