Latest Fair Work Act News

CFMMEU and former official penalised $93,160 over aggressive and intimidating conduct
CFMMEU and officials hit with $184,000 in penalties after obstructing concrete trucks and flouting reasonable safety requirements
Qantas international seeks termination of crew agreement to resolve critical rostering challenge
CFMMEU officials accused of abusing site supervisors and disregarding health and safety directions on Adelaide building site
If an employee gets COVID on annual leave, can they use sick leave instead?
ABCC alleges CFMMEU QLD representatives’ actions placed themselves and workers at risk on M1 Motorway project
Easter Sunday to be public holiday in WA
CFMMEU and officials penalised $75,600 after false accusations of corruption on West Gate Tunnel Project
CFMMEU alleged to have organised work stoppages to coerce crane company to move delegate to Cross River Rail project
Court penalises CFMMEU for expletive laden abuse and threat on Adelaide construction project
Melbourne transport business penalised
Bar operator and accounting firm face court
Sushi restaurant operator penalised $80,000
Bakeware manufacturing company penalised
Bondi bar and restaurant operators penalised
Brisbane company in court
Former Canberra restaurant operators penalised
Iron ore train drivers finally get BHP to bargaining table
NSW Central Coast hair salon operators penalised
CFMMEU WA official Molina refused permit – judged unfit
Big Win for Offshore Alliance Members
Gold Coast restaurant operators penalised $225,500
IT services company penalised
Barossa Valley pizza outlet operator penalised
Review of ports welcome, however, immediate action is required
FWO takes action against Coles Supermarkets
CFMMEU campaign targeting NSW crane companies tops $2m
Sydney lighting company in court
Former La Porchetta franchisee penalised
Trolley collecting operator penalised
Full Federal Court unanimously dismisses former senior CFMMEU official’s appeal in NSW
CFMMEU held to account over officials’ improper conduct on Perth’s Doubletree Hilton site
Beauty salon operators penalised
Sydney cafe operators in court 23 November
Furniture transport business faces court
Labour hire company and placement company penalised for discriminating against prospective employee
Sunshine Coast business penalised
Adelaide restaurant obstructed inspector
Emirates Leisure Retail signs Enforceable Undertaking
CFMMEU officials accused of disrupting major freeway project – striking health and safety manager
Axing ‘Folau clause’ small step forward, but bigger problems remain in Religious Discrimination Bill
Enterprise Agreement negotiations open
Casual conversion failure blasted by unions at 12 hour sit-in
Orders to stop sexual harassment at work
NSW health food retailer faces court
Cleaning business operator penalised
Red Light, Green Light: Dismissals for temporary illnesses under FW Act
Workplaces can do better to support women following miscarriage: study