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Deakin University wage theft allegations set for Fair Work Commission
Restaurant and officer to face criminal charges under Victorian wage theft laws in Australian first
NTEU says higher education review critical chance at reform
Rampant NDIS wage theft bad for workers, bad for system’s sustainability
Supplier Wage Audit established to combat wage theft
Stolen wages and human rights abuses aboard ‘Costanza’ uncovered by ITF inspectors
Monash launches extraordinary bid to dodge wage theft liability
Queensland universities face industrial action blitz over unacceptable pay
ITF Inspectors reveal wage theft and human rights abuses by shipping company aboard coal freighter
UniMelb backpay vindication of staff
Finally, action on wage growth
Finance firm faces maximum penalty of more than $3m over alleged non-payment
Major strike rally across five Queensland universities
New NTEU leadership outlines bold agenda for Australian universities
Immigration rules must focus on workers’ rights, not just cater to businesses’ needs
Casual Academics at Monash University Rally Against Wage Theft
‘robbed at sea’ report reveals massive, systematic theft of seafarers’ wages throughout Australian supply chain
International Seafarers Suffer $65 Million in Wage Theft Annually in Australian Waters
Solving nation’s challenges: $3million in ARC funding
Monash University issues extraordinary legal threat after being accused of wage theft
Bullying, harassment and exploitation – all in day’s work in hospitality
Labor on track to gut ABCC anti-worker Building Code, bringing fresh opportunities for apprentices
New ABS labour force figures 18 August
Jobs summit must tackle higher education crisis
Commonwealth Bank entities accused of underpayment
Legal action against University of Melbourne highlights wider problem
Secure jobs in universities needed to boost productivity
Audit reveals multi-million dollar underpayments of CSU casual staff
Wage Inspectorate Helps 15,000 Victorians In First Year
Compulsory training of Australians should be condition for migrant hires: AWU plan
Master Builders’ ABCC analysis built upon dodgy foundations
CFMEU welcomes end of Construction Code
ACTU welcomes end to anti-worker building code
NTEU welcomes jobs and skills summit as opportunity to tackle insecure work and wage theft
Jobs and Skills Summit must find way forward for workers
NTEU alleges Deakin University committed “systematic wage theft”
Bright cafe pleads guilty, fined for child employment breaches
Salon operator penalised
Uni wage theft investigation welcome sign
Free undergraduate education to save universities and jobs: report 17 June
New ABS Labour Force Figures
Win for electrical workers at federal election 2022
NTEU welcomes incoming Albanese government, calls for urgent higher education rescue package
Council of Small Business Scores Coalition and Labor Policies
AWU condemns new wool industry push for cheap overseas labour
Woolworths Group partners with Retail Supply Chain Alliance to support horticulture workers
Woolworths Group teams up with Retail Supply Chain Alliance to support horticulture workers
Wages Will Continue to Lag Without Targeted Wage-Boosting Measures: New Report