Latest Australian Council of Social Service News

Report highlights that women carers disproportionately impacted by poverty
Women with caring responsibilities at greater risk of poverty
New report shows women with caring responsibilities at greater risk of poverty before COVID-19 and highlights risks
We need a national paid pandemic leave scheme to prevent a second wave
Extend JobKeeper & JobSeeker to ensure nobody is left behind
Jobs figures show importance of JobKeeper and new JobSeeker
ACOSS warns against Government’s planned cuts to income support
Treasurer states we need a decent social security safety net
Poll shows majority support permanent JobSeeker fix
Housing report highlights need to maintain JobSeeker increase
Senate Committee finds we must permanently increase income support
ACOSS recovery proposals for job creation and poverty reduction
ACOSS Statement on changes to JobKeeper eligibility for charities and not-for-profits
COVID-19 unemployment report shows why we must fix our approach to helping people locked out of paid work
Historic JobKeeper scheme delivers huge relief to millions at risk of losing paid work
Government’s Jobkeeper changes welcome help for some charities but big job losses still faced by others, revenue test needs change
New report provides insights on reducing long-term unemployment when economy recovers
Childcare package will bring relief to families, but lifeline still needed for services
ACOSS welcomes vital JobKeeper Payment; more work to do to ensure all are supported
ACOSS calls for urgent action on Community Services Sector Rescue Package
Community groups call for energy hardship relief package as household energy bills jump
Government must cancel robodebts and boost Centrelink staffing
Australia’s welfare system remains punitive through pandemic
Relief as 6-month supplement extended to students, concern for groups facing destitution and advice on contacting Centrelink
Extension of stimulus measures to vital community services sector welcome, larger rescue package needed
ACOSS, COSS network and ASU Covid-19 community sector rescue package recommendations
ACOSS: “Huge relief” with crucial doubling of Newstart
As impact of coronavirus grows, survey shows vital community services sinking with demand
Government must act now on many, diverse calls for ongoing Newstart increase for everyone locked out of paid work
Recommendations to Government measures in response to COVID19 health crisis
While low-income relief welcome, more than just a quick fix needed
Response to reporting of one-off social security payments in economic stimulus package
Small business calls for economic stimulus to include Newstart increase
Commit to Fair Funding for Fair Pay this International Women’s Day
GDP figures and coronavirus underscore need for effective economic stimulus targeted to those with greatest need
Long-term solutions to food insecurity on table in Perth
Survey shows ACT community services and workers at risk from funding uncertainty
Yet another federal government MP calls for Newstart increase
Survey shows community services and workers at risk from funding uncertainty
Independent academic research confirms that cashless debit card is stigmatising, impractical and unnecessary
Energy Security Board rates energy outlook for vulnerable customers worse than last year
UNSW and ACOSS report shows 3m Australians living in poverty
Report shows three million people in poverty in Australia and why we must act to support each other
Reform super tax breaks to properly fund aged care, and fix inequities before increasing super guarantee – ACOSS to Retirement…
Government’s cashless-debit scheme with big banks is a shameless attempt to distract from need for Newstart increase
Solutions are clear to major national challenges impacting people’s daily lives – ACOSS budget submission
Statement on Government’s proposed change to Centrelink income reporting
Local Government Areas (LGAs)-Extended Contingency Arrangements from 20 January 2020