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Federal Government must protect people seeking asylum in Park Hotel and other detention locations
Morrison’s climate policy does little to help low income Australians in transition to clean economy
We need to fix poverty and stop blaming stereotyped poor
Regional communities impacted by climate change will benefit from strong emission reduction targets
Sole parents and unemployed face poverty as nation surges ahead
Budget Reply Speech 2021-22
Community sector unites to call for fair fast climate action this decade
Deloitte Report: strong economic benefits from energy efficiency retrofits for low-income homes
Ending Disaster Payments without increasing unemployment payments will drive up poverty and put communities at risk
ACOSS backs call for vaccination gap for people with disability to be closed before easing COVID restrictions
MYEFO fails to provide hope or confidence for 2021 to millions on low incomes
New report shows who is most impacted by inequality in Australia
ACOSS welcomes new investment in home care packages
COVID shines light on failure of energy system for people experiencing disadvantage
Fundraising reform a welcome first step
Millions left to dread 2021 thanks to Government’s Christmas cut to income support
Community organisations slam decision to continue discriminatory and punitive Cashless Debit Card
Energy sector pledges greater collaboration to support customers
ACOSS delivers hundreds of Christmas messages from people on JobSeeker to Parliament
Older Australians locked out of workforce rely on Covid-19 JobSeeker supplement
Retirement Incomes Review highlights growing divide
Thousands take action against Christmas-cut to income support as unemployment hits 7%
ACOSS response to Robodebt Settlement
Government decision to cut income support at Christmas is a cruel and damaging mistake
Funding awarded to energy consumer advocacy groups
ACOSS warns Government against a Christmas cut to income support
Community sector urges Parliament to progress Climate Change Bill 2020
$1 billion per year could halve rental housing stress
ACOSS appearing at Senate Inquiry hearing today on JobMaker wage subsidy for people under 35
In defence of JobMaker, replacement for JobKeeper. Not perfect, but much to like
Post-Budget Analysis in Anti-Poverty Week
Post Budget Briefing
Glimmer of hope for some, but millions still stranded
PBO report signals older women at risk of long-term unemployment without Government action
People on JobSeeker need financial security, not cuts, to rebuild from crisis
Technology Roadmap needs to prioritise job creation and emissions reductions
JobSeeker & JobKeeper changes – ABC Gippsland
Income Tax Cuts Panned: National TV Ad Campaign, 40 Experts Target Government’s Economic Plan
New survey shows impact of COVID-19 on community sector and those it helps
More investment needed in job-rich energy efficiency for low-income homes
Morrison gas plan no help for consumers, bad for taxpayers and disaster for environment
Cuts to JobSeeker to cost 145,000 full-time jobs – Deloitte report
JobSeeker cuts would mean extreme hardship for 1.6 million people- new survey
Bringing forward high-end income tax cuts while failing to raise JobSeeker for good and invest
Income and wealth inequality in Australia was rising before COVID-19
New research highlights risk of COVID pandemic increasing inequality
Far-reaching climate change risks to Australia must be reduced and managed
[Isolated on climate policy:] Morrison Government alone in rejecting net zero by 2050