Latest adolescent News

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Burnet launches bold 2030 Strategy
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Depression in fathers and children linked, regardless of genetic relatedness
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Winter campaign to reduce pressure on EDs
$2.9 billion to support mental health and wellbeing
Losing grandmother may trigger rise in depression for some of her survivors
Brain ‘fingerprinting’ provides insights into mental health of young adolescents
Harnessing research fields and expertise to solve major health problem
$40 million in funding for menopause services
Expansion of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services at RHH
Study identifies best treatment for rare childhood cancer
Girls have worse Covid mental health than boys
UNHCR’s Grandi urges redoubled support for Rohingya refugees, host communities in Bangladesh
COVAX calls for urgent action to close vaccine equity gap
Pandemic has made young people more depressed, research finds
Next steps for specialist mental health and addiction services
Mental health – unseen casualty of climate change
GP Pathology Requesting Project
Don’t leave us behind: call for Federal investment in City of Whittlesea
Record mental health investment prioritises WA infants, children and adolescents
NSW latest adolescent vaccines available in pharmacies
Introducing innovative new services that benefit our young people
Health boost for regional and remote communities in State Budget
1 in 7 Children Struggle With Anxiety. New Study & Book to Help Reduce Childhood Anxiety
Burnet Institute and WEHI stand with transgender and gender diverse people
Children’s stress declined with vaccine rollout
WHO launches new report of findings from ICOPE implementation pilot programme
RACGP calls for greater regulation of cosmetic surgery
Community Pharmacy Immunisation Program Expansion Will Save Lives
Docs got talent: Choir made up of physicians impresses in TV singing debut
Supporting young people when disasters just keep coming
Free vaccines for teens
Conference to address children’s health in climate change
WA Child Research Fund now open for applications to improve child and adolescent health
Securing life-saving medical equipment for rural kids
Study finds genetic link between childhood and adult anxiety and depression
Girls Elevated “Metamorphosis” returns for a virtual experience
World Vision: hope of future for children must be focus at tonight’s Afghanistan humanitarian conference
Millions of Afghan children fight hunger, disease and exploitation as donors meet to determine their fate
Child health check clinics for children with Covid needing face-to-face care
WHO urges quality care for women and newborns in critical first weeks after childbirth
Child abuse investigations may not prevent poor sexual health outcomes in girls