Latest Australian Transport Safety Bureau News

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Last Light Flight Planning
Reporting On Fatigue
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ADS-B Rebate Program
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Flight Below Glideslope At Sydney
Near Accident After Long, Fast Landing
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ADS-B Rebate Ends 31 May 2024
Descent Below Minimum Safe Altitude
Robinson Pilots Should Avoid, Slow Down For Turbulence
Ballistic Parachute Hazard To First Responders
VFR Flight After Last Light
A350 Pitot Probe Covers Left On Just Prior To Pushback
Incomplete Pre-take-off Checks
Preliminary Report Into Camden C172 Accident
Huey KAflex Failure
ATSB acknowledges 10th anniversary of MH370 disappearance
MH370: 10 Years On
APS Enterprise Agreement Votes
APS trials generative AI to explore safe and responsible use cases for government
Perceived Time Pressure In Descent Below Safe Altitude
ATSB releases safety study into level crossing collisions involving heavy vehicles
Diversion due to fuel imbalance and engine shutdown over Western Australia
ATSB urges R22 and R44 operators to report engine cylinder defects
Sydney Airport Dash 8 brake fire
Train collision highlights fatigue shared responsibility
Importance of appropriately actioning checklists
Lake Macquarie runway near collision
Fatal plane crash at Bourke
Preliminary report into fire surveillance aircraft accident near Cloncurry
Safety action underway to address airliner separation event
Track work findings from Mount Rainbow derailment
Fatal plane crash at Brownlow Hill
Multiple factors, safety actions taken following derailment
Hawks Nest R66 preliminary report
Port Phillip Bay jet mid-air collision
Non-towered airport runway incursion highlights proper radio use
Safety check at Theodore airport
Inadvertent entry into IMC