Latest Tokyo Institute of Technology News

traP’s coding class attracts 22 middle and high school students in spring 2024
Learning the imperfections: a new approach to using neural networks for low-power digital pre-distortion (DPD) in mmWave systems
Emeritus Professor Fumio Koyama awarded the 4th Hirose Award
Tokyo Tech Hosts 17th Student Support Forum
Advances in Understanding the Evolution of Stomach Loss in Agastric Fishes
Tracing Origins Of Organic Matter In Martian Sediments
Tokyo Tech Bulletin No. 73 Is Launched
Tokyo Tech’s BBCube Technology to drive new next-generation 3D integration manufacturing lines by Tech Extension Co. and Tech Extension Taiwan Realizing social…
Release of “Fugaku-LLM” – a large language model trained on the supercomputer “Fugaku” Enhanced Japanese language ability, for use in research and business
Twelve more students, faculty, and staff become accessibility leaders
Synthesizing π-Extended Carbohelicene-Based Circularly Polarized Luminescence Emitters
Tokyo Tech teams up with AirTrunk to create scholarship for STEM women
Lead-Vacancy Centers in Diamond as Building Blocks for Large-Scale Quantum Networks
Discovering Exceptional Oxide Ion Conductivity at Lower Temperatures Paving the Way for Future Development of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
From Defects to Order: Spontaneously Emerging Crystal Arrangements in Perovskite Halides
Novel Machine Learning Model For Characterization Of Material Surfaces
Career support seminar guides international doctoral students
Utilizing Palladium for Addressing Contact Issues of Buried Oxide Thin Film Transistors
Second-Round Candidates for the position of Head of National University Corporation Institute of Science Tokyo
A Molecular Route to Decoding Synaptic Specificity and Nerve Cell Communication
2023 Special Award for Tokyo Tech Advanced Researchers Decided
Honorary Professor Kenichi Iga awarded the 2024 Frederic Ives Medal/Jarus W. Quinn Prize from Optica
Kerr-Enhanced Optical Spring for Next-Generation Gravitational Wave Detectors
Spring Entrance Ceremonies 2024
Honorary Professor Yoshinori Ohsumi donates Nobel Prize medal to Tokyo Tech
First-round candidates for the position of Head of National University Corporation Institute of Science Tokyo
Spring Graduation Ceremonies 2023
An Innovative Mixed Light Field Technique for Immersive Projection Mapping
Discovery of a Hidden Quantum Critical Point in Two-Dimensional Superconductors Thermoelectric Effect Reveals Full Picture of Fluctuations in Superconductivity
Delegation from the University of Waterloo Visits Tokyo Tech
Exchange and laughter abound at Japanese Comedy Workshop
Intensive Japanese Course and GSEP students hold joint poster presentations
Student club iGEM TokyoTech seeks crowdfunding with goal to win international competition
Progress in Fluorescent Dyes to Better Visualize Lipid Membrane Order in Live Cells
Peer Life Coaches organize evening of EAA stargazing on Ookayama Campus
2023 Yoshinori Ohsumi Award for Fundamental Research Awarded to Three Researchers
Isomerism Can Control and Increase the Diversity of Structure of Covalent Organic Frameworks, Emerging Nanoporous Solids
Nomination and Selection of Head of National University Corporation Institute of Science Tokyo
A Novel Method for Easy and Quick Fabrication of Biomimetic Robots with Life-Like Movement
Innovator in Optoelectronics: Fumio Koyama Awarded IEEE Nick Holonyak Jr. Medal for Semiconductor Optoelectronic Technologies
Students lead organization of English Rakugo event
Third TECH Cooking Studio reveals secrets of traditional New Year’s soup dish
Combating Fractional Spurs in Phase Locked Loops to Improve Wireless System Performance in Beyond 5G
Tapping into the 300 GHz Band with an Innovative CMOS Transmitter
Exploring the effect of ring closing on fluorescence of supramolecular polymers Scientists explore the photoluminescence properties of toroidal and randomly coiled supramolecular polymers
PSEP: An Innovative Wearable Device for Fashionable Personal Thermal Comfort
What did electron ‘say’ to phonon in graphene sandwich?
Towards A Better Way of Releasing Hydrogen Stored in Hydrogen Boride Sheets