Latest Tokyo Institute of Technology News

Fall 2021 introductory IoT seminar led by Tokyo Tech alumni
Probing Dysregulation of Ubiquitin-Specific Protease 8 Activity in Cushing’s Disease
Tokyo Tech-born startup distributes food to students in need
Tokyo Tech Volunteer Group wins BIGLOBE award at Mirai Draft 2021
SuperCon 2021 – Supercomputing Contest held online for high school students
DLab, OFR researchers hold fourth workshop to brainstorm future science and technology
Student AR team wins Grand Prize at Financial DX/SUM 2021 University Business Plan Competition
New Polymer Detection Method to Turn Tide in Fight Against Water Pollution
Nascent Polypeptides Stabilize Ribosomes for Uninterrupted Translation, Tokyo Tech Scientists Show
Tokyo Institute of Technology Welcoming Ceremony for 2020 and 2021 Admissions Held
Development of Demonstration Satellite HIBARI with Variable Shape Attitude Control Launching as Demonstration Theme aboard for JAXA
TAC-MI master’s students share research findings, receive career guidance from member companies
Tokyo Tech community brings programming class to children of Iiyama City, Nagano
Revising generalized spin current theory for magnetoelectric effect in multiferroics
Towards Self-Restoring Electronic Devices with Long DNA Molecules
Orientation sessions, reception held for newly enrolled master’s, doctoral students
Plant from Plastics: Bio-based Polymers Can Be Transformed into Fertilizers
Tokyo Tech Bulletin No. 63 is launched
Novel Peroxide-based Material Emits Fluorescence in Response to Stress
Breaking Trade-Off Problem That Limits Thermoelectric Conversion Efficiency of Waste Heat
Reducing CO2 using Panchromatic Osmium Complex Photosensitizer
Did Earth tip on its side 84 million years ago?
ToTAL holds second debrief for Leadership Off-campus Project, Leadership Interdisciplinary Research Project
Student library supporters create video to commemorate 10th anniversary of Ookayama library
Nursing care-focused Tokyo Tech Glocal Summer School 2021 completed
Tokyo Institute of Technology Environmental Report 2021
Sequencing Unknown Made Easy: MetaPlatanus Improves Metagenome Assembly
Ruling Electrons and Vibrations in Crystal with Polarized Light
Second Tokyo Tech-MIT Japan Language Exchange Program held online
How Flawed Diamonds “Lead” to Flawless Quantum Networks
Novel Beamforming Network Solution for Single Layer Printed Circuit Board Implementation
TraP hosts tenth biannual coding class for middle and high school students
2021 Fall Entrance Ceremonies
Tokyo Tech launches California-based international collaboration hub Tokyo Tech ANNEX Berkeley
Youngsters create sea urchin lamps at online science workshop
Summer Challenge 2021
Study Explores Remarkable Negative Thermal Expansion Seen in Layered Ruthenates
Twenty groups pitch business ideas at first School of Engineering E×S Challenge
2021 Fall Graduation Ceremonies
Amino Acid Recycling in Cells: Autophagy Helps Cells Adapt to Changing Conditions
Multiple Semiconductor Type Switching To Boost Thermoelectric Conversion of Waste Heat
Rise of Underdog: A Neglected Mechanism in Antiferromagnets May be Key to Spintronics
Having it Both Ways: A Combined Strategy in Catalyst Design for Suzuki Cross-Couplings
Neurobiology of Thirst: Neural Mechanisms that Control Hydration
Taking a Shine to Polymers: Fluorescent Molecule Betrays Breakdown of Polymer Materials
Fostering creativity in researchers: How Automation Can Revolutionize Materials Research
Smaller than Ever-Exploring Unusual Properties of Quantum-sized Materials
Divide and Conquer-Modular Controller Design Strategy Makes Upgrading Power Grids Easier