Latest Tokyo Institute of Technology News

DLab Dialog Days 2022 discusses “Re-DESIGN our future society” through virtual symposium and workshop
Thirty-eight Tokyo Tech accessibility leaders certified in AY 2021
Start-up Support Fund launched to encourage entrepreneurship among faculty and students
New international students of spring 2022 join Welcome Coffee Hours
Spring 2022 coding class by traP attracts 23 youngsters
Novel Method for Real-time Live Cell Imaging of Collagen Synthesis
“Lens-less” Imaging Through Advanced Machine Learning for Next Generation Image Sensing Solutions
Controlling Heat Flow in Solid by Switching Crystal Structure Dimensionality
Students of Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology win company-sponsored architecture contest
TECH Cooking Studio explores science of baking
Tokyo Tech hosts 15th Student Support Forum online
Scientists discover potential key missing link protein bridging eukaryotes and prokaryotes
Bringing Ideas in Remote Discussion AY 2021 exchange program unites students virtually
Tokyo Tech academies for WISE Programs celebrate AY 2021 graduates
Middle schoolers create robots at workshops hosted by Society for Study of Robotics
Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology 2022 entrance ceremony held
Scientists Develop Indoor-active Photocatalyst for Antiviral Coating Against Various Variant Types of Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
International students learn about JLPT in Japanese Section info session
1st Energy & Informatics International Forum held
30-fold Enhancement of Thermoelectric Performance in Polycrystalline Tin Selenide
Spring Entrance Ceremonies 2022
New Protein Discovery Reveals Mechanisms of Nitrogen Assimilation in Plants
Online audio editing and video production workshops spark student creativity
Joint ceremony held for AY 2021 graduates of ToTAL, leading graduate school programs
FY2021 STAR grant recipients selected
Scientists Artificially Recreate Smells Successfully Using an Olfactory Display
Message from Kazuya Masu upon his reappointment as Tokyo Tech president
Management team encourages public dialogue following release of first integrated report Tokyo Tech published its inaugural
Spring Graduation Ceremonies 2021
Large moons may be clue for habitable planets
Tokyo Tech cycle-ballers turn to crowdfunding to help sport survive
Multicultural Understanding through Art final presentations inspired by questions and dialogues
Tokyo Tech Gender Equal Forum held online
Online Hinamatsuri 2022 immerses students in culture and language
Data Science for Particle and Nuclear Physics 2021 held online for high school students
Intensity Control of Projectors in Parallel – Doorway to an Augmented Reality Future
T2KN CAMPUS Asia Plus Online Winter Camp welcomes over 30 students from Asia’s top science and technology universities
Meteorites That Helped Form Earth May Have Formed in Outer Solar System
ATAC and Toyota Establish New Initiative to Support Social Implementation of Innovative Technologies Begin Collaborations
Statement on situation in Ukraine
Discovering Molecular ‘Team-Work’ Underlying Nitrate Assimilation in Unicellular Red Alga
Tokyo Tech Museum shares information on virus-capturing mask technology at public lecture
Selecting right structural materials for fusion reactors Alloys showing corrosion resistance up to 1173 K identified
Atom by Atom: Building Precise Smaller Nanoparticles with Templates
Elementary school students study botany and create natural bookmarks at online workshop
Unveiling Chemisorbed Crystallographically Heterogeneous Graphene/FePd Interface
Unit reunions bring some second-year students face to face for first time
Understanding Molecular Evolution Processes Underlying Placenta Acquisition in Eutherian Ancestors